Golf replacement soon, now bargain-hunting 7.5-generation R-Line in the end worth?

any product on the market there will be a certain life cycle, no matter how successful models, also will have time to update iteration.

In this regard, many people will have this question, “the upcoming generation of products, taking advantage of discount hunters should cash it, or wait for the new focus on the future of it.”

Then, the car poly monarch for everyone to share their own experiences, for you fans, friends reference.

car poly monarch last month to start the 7.5-generation Golf R-Line, currently It has traveled more than 2,000 kilometers, and we take this opportunity to talk about the car feel.

a hatchback feelings, nimble

Objectively speaking, the car turned out to gather Jun hatchback is not cold, after all, from childhood to the impression the car should be “from beginning to end”, tail must have a prominent trunk. I believe there are a lot of friends is the case, although not to mention how hatchback exclusion, but it does not find a reason to like.

once for VolksWagen also uninterested, after all, just as its brand name “public” as too general, too moderate a.

However, the above idea has shifted in the summer of 2017.

That summer, for various reasons, poly car and a Volkswagen Polo monarch accompanied by a full three months. Frankly, before this had never expected to like the hatchback.

However, after all, animals have feelings, saying “soon fell in love” is also well, saying “faithless” worth mentioning ( car poly Jun originally only after BMW 3 Series M Performance ), in short, is a new understanding of the hatchback and the general public, hatchback feelings in my heart and it has planted roots.


two years, due to the requirements of power, the car began to consider poly Jun Golf. The most favorite is undoubtedly the performance of Cannon Golf R, but the floor price 40+ have over budget.

then still considered performance version of the Golf GTI, complete bare discount prices early 20s is also acceptable, but the GTI models belong to the country’s five criteria, not on the card, only reconsider.

The last consideration is Golf R-Line 280TSI, 1.4T high-power version, the maximum power of 110kW, peak torque 250Nmiddot; m. Originally I thought that power would compromise after how many will be disappointed, but it turns out it’s just unfounded. Flexible operation, solid chassis ( to adjust rigid ), the normal high-speed turbine overtaking involved no pressure.

either change lanes on congested roads to jump the queue ( do not advocate ), the alley alley steering U-turn, or limit parking in front of the narrow parking spaces, this Golf can be more easily and comfortably deal with.

Second, the sports package, the new variable

R-Line version and normal versions of the difference:

▎ kit decentralized

Since the called the “R-Line”, the name suggests, and Golf R somewhat contact. Many manufacturers will own exercise surrounding Golf R are placed on the R-Line, for example, below the intake port of the headlights, side skirts surrounded by a black, flat steering wheel movement, the splice seats and Alcantara everywhere”R” scale.

In addition, R-Line exclusive R17 movement of the hub and a tread 225 of width ([ 123] Common version 205/55 / ​​R16 ) are not equipped with the regular edition models.

is selected from ▎ filled with

Since the R-Line under sub-top models, and updating value, various configurations are generous to give. E.g. whole LED head / tail lights, turn signal flow, a steering servo headlights, keyless entry, keyless start, automatic anti-glare rearview mirror, and so the whole of the liquid crystal instrument.

But one thing to Tucao, are equipped with a power seat luxury, R-Line is a manual chair.


▎ suspending different

[ 123] 1.6L 1.2T version and the version after suspension for the non-independent torsion beam suspension, rear suspension unified 1.4T four-bar linkage.

MK7.5 and MK8 difference:

▎ appearance difference

more flat front face (

some even hit the face Corolla

), to bring the lower drag coefficient is 0.275. Taillights style has changed, “GOLF” words moved below the Logo “VW”, suddenly become “with the letter” of the public.

Interior ▎ difference

[ 123] interior to cancel a large number of physical buttons, the steering wheel is in use goodbyeYears of modeling, became more stout three styles. The new interface LCD instrument in the control and floating big screen is another highlight of the interior, with many years of Dangba had been replaced by electronic Dangba similar to Porsche 911.

▎ drive differential

into the original model 1.4T 1.5T + 48V mild hybrid, dynamic parameters It did not change. While the original 1.4T engine using the plug-in hybrid version of the model GTE, 13kWh battery-electric mileage of 60km.

It is understood reliable source, light mixed models continue to use quick-drying dual clutch 7, and the interpolated mixed models speed wet dual clutch 6 will spend.

Third, the value and worth further look at the individual

[ 123]

About worthwhile, car poly Jun personal opinion is yes, for the following reasons:

▎ offer greater

facing the new generation, there are 30,000 cash naked car even more concessions, while new listing after six months to a year may not be a big discount.

▎ cars are more

cash now car lot, do not take the time to wait, while the new estimate this year end or early next year will be the domestic market.

▎ configuration than the whole

the same level of guidance, the new will not have so much cash configurations.

▎ same power

Although the main models 1.4T replaced 1.5T, but the dynamic parameters remain unchanged.

▎ product maturity

new market, the core parts, parts quality and degree of match is still unknown, it is necessary six months or even longer to do the evaluation of market performance. The cash market has experienced several years of feedback, factory improvements are complete the adjustment to a higher level. Therefore, the cash more peace of mind.

However, these views represent only car poly Jun personal views.

and some friends if you are willing to spend more time and cost to start MK8, and can be exchanged for a lower lying styling and interior more technology, so for this part of friends , the choice of natural MK7.5 not worth it.

car poly Summary

[123 ] regardless of the value and worth of each person’s views are that, in the final analysis is the value of love, and the value and worth nothing but love and not love rhetoric.

love it even though there are more inappropriate, it is worth it; do not love it, only need a reason enough.

you readers remember, like, for their own is the best. With their own situation into account, feel value is enough.

In this regard, how do you see it?

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