Grasp the digital transformation leader, Fujitsu assist car industry change

Shanghai June 17, 2021 / US News / – Currently, the global automotive industry is facing a hundred years of value chain reconstruction. Automotive manufacturing companies are actively embrace digital transformation, from traditional vehicle production, delivery of business models, to utilize data to provide mobile travel services, and through “new four” (intelligent, interconnect, electric electric The innovation of chemical, sharing) technology provides users with new value, so that everyone can safely and comfortably arrive at the destination while reducing the burden on the environment.

In order to better assist the automotive industry customers to grasp the opportunities of digital transformation, Fujitsu (China) Information System Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Fujitsu”) integrates the advantageous resources, and established the Fujitsu Automobile Business Headquarters. With years of experience with the world’s most advanced automotive industry customers, Fujitsu will provide customers with business consulting, industry solutions and DX (digital transformation) integrated services to help China’s automotive industry enterprises meet the various topics in digital transformation. .

Fujitsu has more than 50 years in the automotive industry, maintaining close cooperation with many global top car manufacturers. By combining insights from the automotive industry with innovative digital technology, Fujitsu provides customers with end-to-end solutions covering design / development, production / logistics, sales, after-sales service and other links. Relying on China GlDC (Global Delivery Center), which is one of the eight major delivery centers in the world, Fujitsu can combine global IT professional technology and local knowledge to ensure high quality synthesis to customers with throughout IT lifecycle (hardware / software service support / application). service.

At the same time, Fujitsu also has a senior industry and digital consultant and expert team to provide customers with business strategy assessment and digital transformation top design services to help customers clarify business challenges. Focusing on data utilization, work mode change, customer experience improvement, etc., Fujitsu will help customers determine how relevant solutions bring business value, and use the most suitable products and services to support customers’ digital transformation tourism, to increase this Effect, building a new business laying foundation.

In China, Fujitsu is working with a number of large-scale automotive enterprises and automotive industries related customers to promote digital transformation. In a certain JapaneseA car manufacturing enterprise as an example, Fujitsu helped customers completed the digital transformation of the call center, realized the improvement of customer service in the online customer service and the promotion of business development capabilities. By introducing a set of AI technology-based online automatic answering systems, Fujitsu helps customers upgrade from traditions of “phone speech”, to “Multimedia, Digital” Call Center. At the same time, through deep learning technology, strengthen analysis and capture customers’ needs and pain points in the actual business, help customers improve service value and instruct business innovation while raising emergencies.

Wang Bo, General Manager of Fujitsu (China) Information System Co., Ltd. Automotive Business Headquarters: “2021 coincides with China ’14th Five-Year Plan” The digital transformation of the automotive industry is accelerating. Fujitsu is committed to becoming a long-term trustworthy DX partner to assist in the challenges of the automotive industry to deal with the challenges of the digital transformation, grasp the transformation of the transition, and continue to contribute to our customers. ”

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