Great Wall pickup passenger gun open era to the three standards to boost the process of globalization Great Wall Motor

[ Juxun Wang reported ] December 5, 2019, China’s first large passenger globalization pickups mdash; mdash; the Great Wall guns, Great Wall Motor in Chongqing factory ushered wisdom 10,000th audience line ceremony. The event, announced the Great Wall cannon Watch poorly pickup market weakness sales service, introduced a number of service commitments to further build the whole scene live pick-up truck, while global products, global quality, global service standards, a comprehensive listing of succession in the global market accelerate the floor and even the Great Wall pickup Great Wall Motor globalization strategy.

to build the whole scene live to boost pickups pickups culture is becoming mainstream

as much consumer recognition and attention net red pickup Great Wall guns after the passenger pickups and commercial pickups have been on the market, one stroke in October 5020 of ldquo; rdquo ;, opener became the first high-end pickup of domestic sales of 10 million yuan, and in a short time, the order gains broken million success, refresh segment recorded orders again.

Great Wall gun ushered 10,000th offline

In fact, the Great Wall of a gun ldquo; gun rdquo; and red not only can not do without their leading Chinese multi-purpose passenger pickup into the 3.0 era of product strength, but also from the Great Wall to the whole scene shot shape the life of the pickup truck. The moment, the Great Wall of guns being user-centric, to build an open, shared community life pickups mdash; mdash; the Great Wall guns Alliance, build multi-cultural force driving a wave of new pickups country, so that the pickup becomes an attitude, a way of life.

Great Wall pickups to be shot to make an attitude, a way of life

on the event, to let consumers can further understand the charm of living in a pickup truck, the Great Wall of existing gun service system has been upgraded, released five ldquo; four never rdquo ;, ldquo; rdquo ;, commitment namely: uniform price will not increase, condition is not transparent conceal, never preflight maintenanceExaggerate, not private gain maintenance projects, maintenance costs, not false, promised standard delivery processes, commitment to limit maintenance services, commitment to advance priority rights, commitment to limit roadside assistance, build a global passenger pickup service new standards, in order to consolidate pickup the cornerstone of cultural development.

Wall Cannon released five ldquo; four never rdquo ;, ldquo; commitment rdquo;

in the future, the Great Wall guns It will be the world’s more than 2,500 sales and service network as the basis, to provide users with an integrated super service at online + line, so that more users have a new choice of car and lifestyle. While shaping the life of the whole scene pickup trucks, pickup trucks opened up a new era of Chinese culture, let pickups culture gradually grew increasingly minority culture to the mainstream car culture.

Wall guns coming out to sea a comprehensive acceleration journey to Great Wall Motor globalization

As the Wall ushered in a short time 10,000th shot off the assembly line, the Great Wall pickup pickup sales in China Crown, China pickup leader’s strength and status have been fully verified. Then, along with the Great Wall Motors factory in Chongqing wisdom release full lean and efficient production capacity, the Great Wall will have confidence booster gun pickups Great Wall and the Great Wall Motor in downward pressure on the automobile market, the impact of higher sales volume.

Great Wall Motor, Chongqing wisdom of factory automation production line

especially on the world stage, the Great Wall shot from beyond the joint venture product, win sales from the joint venture, par luxury car from the service, global products, global quality, global service standards, fully into the global market, help the Great Wall pickups pickup wins the world’s top three brands, so that Chinese pickup bloom again in the international market bright light, and then the full and accelerated process of globalization of Great Wall Motors.

Great Wall guns will fully enter the global market

In fact, since entering 2019, Great Wall Motor’s global journey in the match , has made many achievements. In addition to the Baoding headquarters as the core, covering Europe, AsiaAfrica, North America ldquo; ten to seven countries rdquo; R & D globalization layout, Great Wall Motor ldquo; 9 + 5rdquo; global production system is constantly being improved mdash; mdash; Tula, Russia factories, factories have been put into the wisdom of Chongqing, the whole Pinghu car project, Taizhou project in order to start the vehicle, provides a strong guarantee to enhance productivity and globalization Great Wall cars.

Great Wall Motor global distribution

in just six months, Great Wall Motor’s global research and sales system has improved, Great Wall Motor, a joint venture by the BMW Group and also to project the beam shortly before the car was officially launched. At the same time, along with Harvard ldquo; 5-2-1rdquo; globalization strategy, released WEY brand new strategy of globalization, as well as a variety of global cars overseas debut on the market, Great Wall Motor Benxing high-speed rail in the global market .

Great Wall Motors factory in Chongqing wisdom schematic

in the future, along with the Great Wall gun off-road pickup listed cemented ldquo; three guns together and rdquo; trend, the overall development of the Great Wall guns also will be surrounded by sea wave Great Wall Motors products by pickup truck to build the whole scene live, let pickups really caught on, and with the international mainstream brand pickup play together, the impact of the global pickup existing market competition, bring more overseas markets in increments of Great Wall Motor!

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