GS8 older car owners experience: even mid-term facelift configurations reduce the

“the most beautiful domestic SUV”, GS8 indeed worthy of the title, become hot models just listed, or even mention cars need a large increase thousands of pieces. But unfortunately did not keep GS8 monthly sales over a million of the heat, began to decline from last year, it has dropped to less than two thousand monthly sales. If you sum up the reasons, in the sale of car products three years ago, I had not any small upgrade (just the middle of this year to upgrade the engine), so the configuration behind, 6AT gearbox oil cost disadvantages slowly enlarged.

To improve the situation, GS8 only targeted for upgrade, and now the mid-facelift models finally came, there is no new cars have to turn the tide of the strength of it?

As it happens, I was the old section of the user GS8, from the user’s point of view, the old models with respect to the current mainstream level, there are many aspects tend to lag behind of course there are good side. So Benpian really making paper from an old to see the user’s point of view to write a new car, compared to the 2020 models 2017 models were exactly what changes which are upgraded or less with?


for the design GS8, I very satisfied, especially masonry like bright headlamps and matrix double U-fret type ripple taillights. This time GS8 facelift is also very aware of their strengths, not everyone appreciates the change of design, is just a small upgrade for the front and rear bumpers.

directly below the frame plate is thick and the sides of the decorative strip LED fog has been canceled, the three-gas inlet still decorative, trim both sides of the bumper feeling a little “Quake” in.


relatively small changes of the bumper, the position of reflective tape on both sides move up, modeling of more silver shield a sense of power.


almost unchanged relative to the exterior, the interior changes a lot, I feel a new car to pass was the younger.

original rough mad four-spoke steering wheel has been replaced with a more youthful style, the air conditioning vent more rounded shape.

physical buttons console further reduced, even partially replacing function key touch pattern. The new style of button texture is very good, but there is no vibration feedback touch panel.

that was old tucao semi-liquid crystal instrument panel has been replaced with a full liquid crystal instrument panel, where the new dashboard presented more traditional style.

car system is still very simple, not too many features, the vehicle is a logical set is also very clear.

in the control panel faster feedback (just feel), slagging paste clarity after 360-degree panoramic image has been greatly improved, but also increased the 3D effect, but the effect of 3D interface presents a serious deformation, practicality is not strong.

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in other central armrest open two-way manner, a large volume, high vertical depth, can vertically drop a water bottle, and increased power two USB interfaces. Cup holder had been communicating with the console box in a separate file, the right side, the built-in stopper damper feel weak, it is easy to shake the bottle.

beneath the rear air conditioning control area is also added two USB power interfaces, the original 220V power socket triangle has been canceled.

the seat comfort and space no change, the first two rows of seating space very margin, but personally think that is not enough to support a seat shoulder. (Colleagues height 181cm)

As you experience new car, I found a number of new car canceled some of the features, so I carefully to “check” other configuration, find a new car lost a lot of configuration. Check the configuration after Shangguan net orders, after comparing the old and new models come to the table above.

Dynamic performance

Sign Michelin PRIMACY 4 car tires, tire facelift focus on wet grip and quiet performance, size still is 245/55 R19, while the rims replaced with a more hardcore style.

Power, 2.0T car using high engine power, maximum output power of 252 horsepower. The drive, the new car to replace the more sophisticated electronic stalls, still use 6AT gearbox. Also worth mentioning it is to declare a new car fuel consumption from 9.1L / 100km to 7.9L / 100km.

still use the front chassis structure damped suspension composition + multi-link independent suspension, after reduction the location of the earthquake is still very low. In addition, the new car to replace the non-full-size spare tire, and oldModels are full-size spare tire.

Written in the last:

As a user, I am looking for a long time, fantasy GS8 retain the advantages of the facelift, lack of improvement. After the real car experience, the new car is indeed retains most of the advantages and improved a lot of shortcomings, but at the same time enhance secretly lost a small part of the configuration, this might be criticized.

and then back to the user identity, a new car minus configuration for me has little effect, because this part of the configuration of low usage, but also in other aspects of the new car also injected more and more costs. Chi Chuan can only say that this approach is not enough “smart”, even if it is because of cost considerations, nor should “jianpei”, after all, have significantly reduced the price of the terminal when sales slump.

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