Guangzhou Auto Show will be open Hafer love sale, price or estimated at around 80,000 yuan

remember the scraping of the Beijing auto show “love” today? Yes it will start pre-sale on November 20 opening of the Guangzhou Auto Show, Xiao Bian see this message when you want to see more Hafer love life can become the first car, because we all know that Harvard love a debut the name of “life first car” label, which also made clear its target audience, for a new design from the appearance, fashion aesthetic to create the Z generation by the latest design language, and almost never uses the previous models used “tears” shape, Keep “first love” is the name through the head. The entire shape to Xiaobian feeling is still very consistent with the aesthetic of young people.

Based on lemon platform to build a new Harvard H2 is expected to be equipped with third-generation models Hover H6 the engine is equipped with 1.5T, the maximum power of 124kW (169 hp), peak torque of 285 cattle middot; m, with the engine speed matches the drive system for the dual-clutch gearbox 7. The most important issue price, estimated price Hafer first love or about 80,000 yuan; the new car market is expected there will be a wave of well-being is not a small car, the price of such ideas and even “stingy” in small series are good I want to have one.

ideal ONE this wave of job post is very satisfied with the ah, the recent small series from ideal the official car was informed that, as at 18 October 2020, the ideal car in 10 months hit a record of 20,000 deliveries, but also in the car has been delivered to the user satisfaction survey, users of extended-range electric drive the ideal ONE brought driving comfort and a sense of science and technology without range anxiety and bring the four-screen interactive satisfied. October 18, 2018, over ONE debut. Prior to this, he experienced a total of 50 months of research and development and production preparation, completion of more than 291 optimization and more than 3 million kilometers of road tests.

last November 20, the first Taiwan ideal ONE (2020 models) mass production car off the assembly line in Changzhou ideal base. June 16 this year, the first 10,000 users ideal ONE delivery ceremony was held in Changzhou ideal base car. Since the official start of deliveries in December 2019, the ideal car in just six and a half months time to complete the first delivery of 10,000, which also set a new record of foreign forces repairer new models fastest delivery of 10 000, It seems the ideal ONE have such a result is inevitable.

it comes, it comes, yes Hyundai Motor America officially released the new Veloster N High Performance “little cannon”, it comes, Xiao Bian recently learned from outside the network, 2021 Hyundai Veloster N dealer in the upcoming 2021 models Veloster N equipped with more standard equipment, it is very real , such as a $ 2,100 performance package that includes limited edition slip differential brakes and wheels 19 inches, upgrades, in addition to also power from 250 horsepower to 275 horsepower, also equipped with 8-inch touch-screen navigation system and the seat with the new lighting N logo. Xiao Bian also informed that the new Veloster N prices have risen sharply compared to April of this year’s 2020 models Veloster N higher than the US $ 4670 (about 31,300 yuan), rose to US $ 34,745 (about 232,700 yuan).

of you fans of Toyota bigwigs , Xiao Bian recently learned from the external network to a news Toyota, Toyota Hilux pickup truck being developed GR version, the version that is provided V6 engine, according to a recent report, this engine will be 3.3 liters of diesel Land Cruiser V6 engine this also makes the GR Hilux become the next generation Ford Ranger RaptorThe strong competitor. This message is not to shock some of Toyota fans of it?

does not end, then, according to Australian media reports, Toyota Australia spokesman said: “we have no reason to not have a Land Cruiser or Hilux model GR” as for the other models, Toyota spokesman said the company is making more efforts to GR models, and “does not exclude any version from GR core models”, for For any of Toyota’s core models, the potential for the GR version launched. So here’s Toyota Australia spokesman did not give a precise answer, Xiao Bian will continue to monitor the news for Toyota bigwigs.

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