Guangzhou Honda Automobile China 2019 security line-Union road safety was established universities

car has learned, October 29, Guangzhou Honda joint China Automotive Technology and Research Center Co., Ltd., to join hands Tianjin University, Tongji University, Jilin University, Harbin Institute of Technology (Weihai), Hunan University, Wuhan University and other colleges and universities established the Honda middot; road Federation security universities, Alliance for the future through continuous, road safety lectures on a regular basis, in the form of real car driving safety skills, safety theme activities, promote road safety action forces the student population to develop for road safety He continued to contribute to the cause.

It is understood that road traffic accidents, also known as the “endless war” to the world each year caused huge casualties and property losses. According to WHO statistics, road traffic injuries have become the world’s eighth leading cause of death, killing nearly 130 million people each year worldwide. According to Ministry of Public Security Traffic Management Bureau statistics, in 2017, China’s 16-25-year-old who died due to traffic accidents accounted for 7.43 percentage, accounting for 11.74 percentage injured. Therefore, the need to pay special attention to road safety in the youth population.

China Automotive Technology and Research Center Co., Ltd. intelligence, deputy director of Wushu Xia pointed out in his speech, the Automobile Center has been concerned about the area of ​​road safety issues, as a third party in the automotive industry, have the responsibility and obligation to the road security contribute to the cause. Automobile Center will respond positively and promote “United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety” to carry out related research, and strive to create a safe road traffic environment.

She said, as Guangzhou Honda middot; valued member of the Union of Road Safety universities, the Automobile Center will master the basic research and a sample analysis of large data base by regularly publish road safety theme ” White Paper “, helped organize public lectures the way for the future of education in the field of road safety in different age groups, to provide rigorous scientific ideas and direction to control.

As a coalition of road safety in college initiator, Honda party secretary Cheng Lin said, about to enter university student groups in society, representatives of young and dynamic family, it is important force to promote social progress; improving youth people’s awareness of road safety, safe driving skills, will further improve road conditions play an important role. “Honda hopes that through the establishment of a road safety alliance universities, focusing promoting social progress of the new generation, largeStudent groups to provide a road safety learning platform. At the same time, relying on the platform, to allow more people to participate in actions to improve the road environment. “

In fact, Honda on traffic safety education already has a wealth of experience and complete training system. Back in 2007, Honda namely the community to carry out the” safety China “activities, and many times go inside into the university campus, for teachers and students in colleges and universities, “the first lesson of the new semester,” the safety education activities.

At the same time, Honda also from technical product safety, traffic safety is a sustained effort According to reports, Honda SENSING (safety extra sense) is the Honda for a full range of safe driving support system and autopilot future development, including the ACC active cruise control system with LSF (low speed to follow the vehicle in front system), CMBS collision mitigation brake system, LKAS lane keeping assist systems, RDM lane deviation suppression system, MVCS360deg; panoramic imaging system, through science and technology braking of the vehicle, steering and other coordinated control, safe driving support function, the guardian of pedestrian safety. It is understood that the system has been installed in a tenth-generation Accord, Odyssey, crown Road and other vehicle models.

in addition, Cheng Lin said, the Union was established, Honda each year for members of the university to provide road safety education special funds to support, and the United Automobile Center to carry out road safety education for all activities through the “Honda + Automobile Center” team of experts, for students to carry out safety lectures, real vehicle safe driving practice and other professional guidance, students rich road safety knowledge base; at the same time, road safety recruit volunteers among college students, participate in road safety charity, so that students develop roads in social practice security force action.

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