Guangzhou Toyota YARiS L-induced X-hyun listed, look more stylish!

Today, Guangzhou Toyota YARiS L series of new models – caused by X-hyun officially listed, launched a total of 3 models, the price range of 8.98-10.38 million, full-line type equipped 7NR-FE 1.5L naturally aspirated engine.

The new actuation YARiS L X hyun front face with the old models vary compared. The front face overall design is more biased in favor of the Toyota family design language, the front face of the current model black “mustache” designed by a lot of criticism, the new model “mustache” ceased to exist, the new models of large hexagon mouth become more fashionable, new style lamps become bright and piercing, with a silver plaque surrounded the lower part, the whole body with black wheel eyebrow, quite a surge of cross-border air.

New tail design also changed greatly, taillights become more structured, with a “Toyota Camry”, “L YARiS” wide and Toyota LOGO black trim throughout the two tail light clusters are connected, “canceled after bumper car color design with the current model, the use of black plastic material stitching + silver trim, looks more layered, more dynamic and younger .

body size, the length and breadth of the car 4160/1720 / 1520mm, 2550mm wheelbase, little change compared with the current model, with a slight increase.

full extension of the car interior design induced Hyun, a top plate equipped with a CVT valued exclusive control suspension wherein large screen. Further, the configuration according to the different models, providing car front fog lamps, a single skylights, reverse image, reversing radar, different styles of wheels and the like.

power, car mounted a 1.5L naturally aspirated engine, the maximum power emission six States version of the model is 110 hp, peak torque of 138 cattle middot; m, Chuan The system is dynamic matching CVT continuously variable transmission.

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