Hardcore expensive way than non-bearing body 7 with a large Korean 3.0T V6 + 8AT sold 400,000

Although the SUV market that bid farewell to the stage of rapid development, however, for consumers, the large 7 SUV will never have a full appeal, the kind of hardcore, big seven domineering always let people to whom echocardiography , many consumers like the Prado, can go bad roads, good and durable performance. This time, the ghost brother introduced models known as the Korean version of “Prado” with hardcore style and oversized “body.” Recently, the new 2020 Kia Borrego is starting to shop, look at this big 7 in the end there is not tempting, right?

has been Borrego are based on parallel imported into the Chinese market, this model is the Kia family “big man.” Compared to the old models, 2020 models Borrego significant change in appearance, Founder of the Grand Cherokee styling some taste, taut lines and sharp contours look more domineering, Bihanlanda to be more mighty, gas Aung field do not lose the way and the Prado. The front face using the latest Tigers-style grille, dot-matrix LED headlamps great impact.

side of the tail with a new Borrego similar to older models, but the rear styling high degree of recognition, LED rear lights and the front face pattern similar to the bottom portion surrounded by using silver shield, a total of four bilateral exhaust even more sporty.

avant-garde interior and Technology, as a large-size SUV, this model uses a two-tone color of black rice, a higher degree of texture in the interior design, with diamond pattern and perforated leather seats with beige coating, highlighting the sense of luxury. Further, the car is equipped with a four-spoke leather multifunction steering wheel, it is important highlights two large screen, liquid crystal instrument panel full 12.3 inches, 12.3 inches + embedded in the control screen, electric seat adjustment with memory. The interior layout is divided into two rows of five and six three rows of two kinds of layout, interior sense of space Needless to say, it must be more than enough.

It is worth mentioning that, as a large sport utility vehicle, the 2020 models Borrego using non-bearing body, equipped with a 3.0T V6 diesel engine, the maximum power of 260 horsepower, peak torque 560Nmiddot;m, 8-speed manual gearbox and match with four-wheel drive system. It is reported that this model is priced at around 400,000, the price almost integration with the Prado, then, if you are a consumer, you are willing to pay for this large 7 SUV Korean series it?

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