Haval SUV sales announced by 5,5018 units in April

Recently, the driving line was obtained from the official channel from the official channel sales data in April this year. It is reported that Haval SUV sells 55018 new cars in April this year, and 277,726 new cars in April this year were sold, and 70 percentages were greatly increased year-on-year.

On the store, the national god Haval H6 sales of 2,8,019 in April, the growth of 17% year-on-year, and achieved a total of 95 months Domestic SUV sales champion.

In addition, the sales of new cars in the month of April is 6103; Havalda’s first in April is 5,126. Haval F7 sales in April is 3,287; at the same time, Haval H9 sells 2301 new cars in April, and achieves a large increase in 135 percentages year-on-year. In addition, Haval M6 sells 10,182 new cars in April.

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