High German support voice creators announced the “scenic tour Walkman officer recruitment program.”

December 10, High German map released quot; scenic tour Walkman officer recruitment program quot ;, issued an invitation to settled outstanding voice creators interested in this country, irrespective of age recruits and industry, encourage innovative voice to explain the content.

creators search on the high moral map quot; scenic tour Walkman officer quot; click activity posters, presentations, and audio sample provided to participate in accordance with the guidelines. A high German official scenic tour after players, enjoy not only high-level traffic Germany billion, recorded voice to explain the contents of each will get 300-500 bonus tasks ranging from single scenic explain bonus package of up to million.

High German said after becoming the scenic Walkman navigation officer, will serve as the voice creator of high German official partner to obtain long-term incentives and support a wide range of flows, capital and services.

bid farewell to the eight-legged essay-style Walkman introduce scenic spots across the country over 1000 popular attractions

Since ancient times, Chinese people pay attention quot; read a trip quot ;. Tourism, culture should be enjoying one of the best scenes, but the reality is the lack of high-quality resorts content services. Based on market research found that users have a strong demand in the map when traveling; as an important mobile Internet infrastructure, high moral map also want to provide users with new services and life experience, so scenic Walkman navigation service came into being.

De scenic high Walkman released in November this year, once on-line popular. This is interesting, there is material, voice cultural depth explanation, bid farewell to the eight-legged essay-style attractions; also has not only audible everywhere in the area, also can listen to any time outside the scenic features, giving users time and space to break the barriers the new intelligence experience. After a period of application, the data show accompanied by audio content with this, emotion and imagination, is quietly occupy more long-time user, visible to the general public diversified content is very hungry.

high moral map relevant responsible person said, scenic Walkman has been released more than two months, the business has developed rapidly, already from the initial coverage of the 500 popular scenic Imperial Palace, Prince Gong’s Mansion, the Summer Palace, etc., Expanded to nationwide coverage of more than 1000 area. During the two months, nearly 500 million people listen to the scenic Walkman chief navigation officer, a famous cultural scholar Ma did not have to explain the Forbidden City series. In addition, actor Xu Sheng Kai radio play-style to explain the “Quest Summer Palace”, net red roots children Sally Love Hu channeling “Xi’an indigenous take you swim walls”, as well as China traffic radio known host snow explain “CNR female anchor of the Forbidden City play Cheats “is also very popular with users.

+ flow of funds to support voice creators make trips to bid farewell to fly

As Alibaba digital economy one, in the past five years, high Germany ran quot; high-speed German quot ;, DAU core data for five consecutive years of rapid growth, more than 400 million monthly users live, it is the first travel day living of billions of dollars of national platform. And other audio content platforms is different is that Germany has a strong high positioning capability, the user can accurately touch up, can help content creators to better connect users. Every holiday, every travel peak, are on high moral platform of high-quality voice to explain the continuous contact of the user scenarios.

For this recruitment, high German official said that this is wide open scenic Walkman platform. We will sort user demand for dynamic content, so that better visibility of the content, the rules of fair platform. At the same time, the platform will also provide a voice recording tool creators explain, explain the point positioning, content tutoring, counseling and other audio production one-stop personal service. The more and more consumers are willing to pay for quality content, there will be more benefits flow to content creators, will uphold the high moral mentality of long-term cooperation, not compete for profit and partners.

It is reported that the recruitment activity from December 10, a month. Voice search quot creators on the high moral map; scenic tour Walkman officer quot; click activity posters, presentations, and audio sample provided to participate in accordance with the guidelines. On election content, it may be historical events, scientific science, physical geography, family stories, etc. Talking about Chinese culture.

regardless of the industry elite, gold guides, radio anchor, or that grass-roots network of red children, are the most authentic voice, most content-rich and most professional explain, tell attractions dark side . Germany, together with the high voice creator, redefining audio tour scenic spots, so travelBid farewell to fly and return to the essence of life

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