High-speed driving brakes suddenly failed within 2 seconds of the correct response can save lives!

automobile brake system performance is good or bad, is directly related to the life and property safety personnel on board, so that the braking system is an important part of automotive safety systems. Automotive brake system failure for the driver and passenger of the car in terms of a very dangerous thing. So, when the driver in the process of driving the car, encountered the case of brake failure, the correct response is an important means to protect themselves from harm.

Today, we are concerned that, when faced with the driver brake failure, how should we implement the correct operation of self-help.

In the process of moving the car, the driver realized that the brakes suddenly fail, the driver I must not panic, then we must maintain a good state of mind, to be timely use engine braking to reduce the speed to achieve, at the same time, the deceleration by the engine while the driver must control the vehicle traveling direction, do not deviate from the predetermined path trajectory.

is found in the drive and brake failure during running, the driver first in time to do is to reduce the engine speed by downshifting, to reduce vehicle speed. Here, it is worth to remind that, if speed quickly, do not cross file downshift, downshift should be a level, which is reduced to the low block because the car directly from the high-end vehicle caused by severe vibration, easy to hurt people on board .

Next, the driver should control the steering wheel. When the vehicle brake failure, be sure to take the wheel, do not dangling around, take the vehicle along the positive, try to travel in the middle of the road, do not rush when excessive speed when turning the steering wheel touch the obstacles parking, to avoid the car hit the mountain or the roadside. At the same time, the vehicle brake failure, to open the quad flash warning lights for the first time, warning other vehicles of this car failure, so far back of the car will escape you. In addition to opening four flashing warning lamp, the distance should also alternately open lights, flashing lights such a strong, far ahead of the vehicle will be prompted to escape, especially when the corners, due to the rapid speed reduction, only flashing alert lights ahead distance avoid the vehicle in front.

When the brake using the engine speed down to tighten the hand brake, so that the biasing force can play handbrake friction wheel deceleration action, such Although the operation will not allow the vehicle to stop quickly, but also can play a role to reduce speed to avoid speedToo fast.

If the cars in special sections, could not stop in time, the driver should take advantage of environmental conditions around, try to find relatively soft obstructions such as trees or soil Hill hit stop, to avoid open ditch or bridge .

In summary, when Zhidongshiling encountered while driving, the driver of the most simple method is to first embodiment of self-help by the downshift, the shift from high pulled low to achieve lower vehicle speed. Second pull the hand brake, a friction wheel biasing force of the handbrake reduce the speed. The third scenario is based on the driving environment, the use of various obstacles to achieve the purpose of deceleration stop.

Summary: automotive brake system can be said to protect the lives of the passengers on board, so usually in the use of the car must pay attention to maintenance. When there is traffic on the way in the event of brake failure, should be based on the current driving conditions, make reasonably accurate response.

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