Honda 1998 Accord Trouble Cases

Fault 1

Symptom: The 1998 Honda Accord models a 2.3 L (CG5), with mileage of 52,000 km, the customer is reflected in the open headlight, wiper continuously moving a few times.

check analysis: take the car, first verify that the malfunction. Stop the ignition switch ON, turns on the headlights, it was found that a few movable wiper. Moreover, the inspection light inadvertently hit the steering control handle, the left turn signal is turned on, the wiper also moved several times, and then opened when the right turn signal, wiper not move. The emergency warning lights on and found the left displayed on the meter turn indicator darker than the right turn indicator. It can be judged that the fault there may be a headlamp, a left front turn lamp and the presence of the common line of the wiper motor or a short circuit caused by poor grounding. Now Service Manual, seen from the circuit diagram of a: windshield washer motor, a left headlamp, a left front and left turn signal lamps in a common grounding line G301 (FIG. 1), most likely point of failure in the common grounding on-line.


Solution: Remove the left front fender found G301 grounding point, measured with the vehicle body greatly Ground line resistance ( should normally not more than 1 Omega;). Grounding point polished with sandpaper to reseat, the left turn signal and headlight opening, the wiper is no longer working, troubleshooting.

reviewed: The fault since the front windshield washer motor, a left headlamp, a left front and left turn signal lamps in a common grounding line G301 is bad, or when the left turn signal your headlights , the reverse current will enter the windshield washer motor. We understood from the working principle of the windshield washer, when the operation of the windshield washer spray windshield forward, the operation will be few at the same time the wiper. While opens headlight or the left turn signal lamp, it is equivalent to the operation of the windshield washer spray, causing the wiper blade work.

Fault 2

Failure phenomenon: a 2000 annual Honda Accord 2.3 L (CG5), with mileage of 80,000 km, customers reflect the ignition switch is in the off position, the ignition key is not from disconnect the ignition switch, and then shut the door out of the door opens, the door will automatically oFF times.

check analysis: After inspection, the car the same fault phenomenon described by the customer. The analysis of failure phenomena may be due to the following aspects: ① vehicle multiplexing control unit failure; ② lock failure; ③ lock associated line fault. HDS connection failure diagnostic check vehicle multiplexing control unit, trouble code storage. Then remove the driver’s side door trim, door check wiring harness connector and associated voltage detection, voltage found unconscious mentioned door lock position, and open when the voltage unchanged, thus proving that the door switch mentioning (key cylinder switch) can not be normally opened and closed.

troubleshooting: After replacing the driver’s side door drive motor troubleshooting.

reviewed: due to prolonged use, the driver’s door lock drive motor inability to work, not to mention the door switch is normally open, the door lifting cylinder actuator associated normally open switch leads to a non-failure of the vehicle.

(Wang Yancheng)

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