Hongqi new road trial, netizens said like Rolls Royce, but the Chinese design you don’t understand?

Recently, there is a good news about the red flag brand. The first is that Hongqi brand has more than 70,000 red flag brands in the first quarter of 2020, an increase of 180% year-on-year. On the other hand, Hongqi has currently become the head of the second-line high-end brand. It has exceeded Cadillac and Volvo in sales, and only Lexus is left better than the sales of Hongqi.

In addition, there are very many Hongqi brands recently, and even in combination with the United States, Italy builds a super-sports car. This also brought very high attention to the Hongqi brand. Recently, the spy photos of Hongqi new cars are exposed. Some netizens speculate that this new car is probably a large car of the execlation of the L-class, red flag L4.

From the view, this large car still continues the red flag, the family design style in the design, and the square is right. Domineering. It also uses a pre-high and low style.

In fact, it is basically a similar way to the luxury brand luxury cars in Luxury Auto Markets, Bentley, and Rolls Royce.

Due to the state of highly camouflage, from the picture, it is not very much design details, the only more obvious is the main waterfall, very similar to the Rolls Royce. Therefore, there are many people on the Internet say that “This is Rolls Royce’s spy photos, I believe.”

In fact, you still Said, Rolls-Royce designer Jarus Middot; Taylor also did joining the red flag, now becoming a red flag brand designer. In 2018, after he joined the Red Flag brand until now, in fact, he has not yet been released by him. Then this car may be that the designer designer designer in Rolls Royce is not necessarily.

So, on the one hand, it is now super luxury brand, whether it is Rolls Royce or Bentley, a more similar style and technique in super luxury car design. On the other hand, the front Rolls-Razzle designer has also become the red flag designer, so the red flag of the new car is a bit like Rolls Royce.

So for Chinese consumers, I think or still red flag L5 for the most impressive impression of the red flag car. However, the current red flag brand is very strict on this car, and ordinary people have no way to buy. Secondly, the Hongqi H9 is a large car, and there is already a lot of red flag H9 on the road.

Although the red flag of the new car is said to imitate Rolls Royce, it is not very nice to listen. But I believe that Hongqi has a way to reflect “China Elements” through their own unique design. For example, there are many Chinese elements on the Hongqi H9, such as the style of the vehicle design, Western aesthetics like to use gold segmentation, the proportion is 0.618, and in the Eastern aesthetics, this ratio is 1: 1.414, also called silver. proportion. China-Japanese palace uses a lot of this ratio to create. So the red flag H9’s head gives a new feeling.

For example, the designer integrates the elements of the red flag into the various corners of the vehicle, such as a new design of the long red flag, the split line on the sound , Central armrests. There is also a chrome grille of H9, which is not straight to the design, but there is a smart, and its design is inspired by the mountains and water in the Chinese landscape.

So, “Hipster Look at the doorway, walking in the outside line”, we look like it is very similar to the Roluth, but every detail can reflect the Chinese people’s understanding. So I believe this new car will not be disappointing.

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