Horsepower skyrocket! ABT Audi S5 Sportback surgeon dynamic appearance of the whole evolution!

Speaking German Volkswagen Group Queen modification brands, especially beloved Audi ABT Sportsline, will definitely be among them, and unshakable position. why? We can look at the official website of ABT modified models, will be a glance.

then turned down, there will be a TRANSFORM YOUR S5 INTO AN ABT, also that is, “put your S5 into ABT” web gadgets. Take a look at former incarnations.

The left pull the two small arrows, can be directly “change complete”!

Indeed, since so long, ABT provides a fairly complete conversion program. With the Audi released the second generation A5 cars in April, ABT Sportsline will be launched along with the power upgrade program corresponding to the S5 TDI equipped with a diesel-powered.

The ABT Sportsline’s modifications upgrade, in S5 Sportback TDI as a model for the car mounted on EA897 evo2 3.0 V6 TDI turbocharged diesel engines, and the light mixing system 48V, ABT Sportsline using AEC own computer, i.e. ABT engine Control, to the ECU re write.

so that the original dynamic parameters, i.e. the maximum horsepower 347 / 700NM mostHigh torque, further raised to 384 maximum horsepower / 760NM maximum torque, with the eight-speed Tiptronic automatic transmission and quattro all-wheel-drive Dingdingyouming system, so that S5 Sportback TDI of 0-100 km acceleration performance of 4.9 seconds by the original shortened to 4.7 seconds, while top speed electronically limited because there are aspects, still remain in the 250km / h.

In addition to upgrading the power output aspect, ABT Sportsline also S5 Sportback TDI appearance aspects of the upgrade. Kits comprising a body aerodynamic spoiler front and rear diffusers, trim body portion, instead of the silver chrome black bright surface, and can be reduced from 15 to 40 mm height of the vehicle body is enhanced short spring.

“Shoes “aspect 20 inch ABT selected Sport GR own forged alloy wheels, and also includes 19 to 20 inches DR, ER-C and 20-inch FR-style patterns aluminum ring for customers. This same dynamic appearance upgrade program, but also for S5 Coupe TDI and S5 Cabrio TDI.

This is not an exaggeration to change the appearance of light , there are the irascible power with a modified style is not your dish? We have just written about the new inspection standards, how much grant can be considered “light changed” the. What do you think of this? Welcome to communicate with me in the comments section.

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