How about the performance of the new Geely Vision X6?

Recent domestic auto market competition can be very fierce, many brands have launched their own new models, so today let’s take a look at the new vision X6.



Compared with the old, the first half of the change in focus in the front car style network , LOGO and encloses the front. The new black mark for the more stars, the more helter-skelter and is no stranger to the new blog. Geely family of corrugated grille will naturally be retained, but form different from before. A lower portion of the intake port by the three sections composition also been redesigned. Compared with the older models, not only increases the dynamic, but also improve the integrity of the front, avoiding the stitching sense.



internal vision X6 is the new design. Simple shapes, strong fashion sense, in black and orange backdrop look younger. Large central panel and LCD display brings you wonder whether this is a starting price of 70,000 entry-level models. Covering the upper part of the center console and soft plastic materials, leather covering the lower half. All threaded decorative design, the intermediate part is brushed metal veneer. Excellent workmanship and materials make this entry-level model has a good sense of art.



vision X6 equipped with Geely’s self-developed new 1.4t engine, maximum power of 104kW (141Ps) / 5200rpm, the maximum torque of 235Nm / 1600-4000rpm.

These are today to bring you all the relevant information about the new vision of the X6. The car’s overall performance is very good. If you like it, you can pay attention to it.

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