How do 4 configurations? Buy a car actually recommended to buy Changan Uni-K to enter the version!

Last year, Changan Uni-T listing fire, red, becoming a “black horse model” in the 2020 car market; this year, Changan CS75 series in February, “National God Car” Havi H6 on the domestic SUV list. Today, UNI sequence second car Uni-K has been listed, the uni-K of the medium-sized SUV is 1.539 million to 1.849 million yuan. After the price, everyone has been priced and conscite sincerity, so it is generally optimized Uni-K will become The next Changan explosion SUV, then which is the 4 models of Uni-K to buy?

Can the fuel car can be so sci-fi?

avant-garde face, sci-fi surface design, hidden door handle, “spacevers” imprint Snapshot, boundless box design, bilateral exhaust pipe, Changan Uni-K is designed to be super, science fiction, even like a fuel car closer to the design of pure tram. On the size, Changan Uni-K long-width height is 4,865/1948/1690 mm, and the wheelbase reaches 2890 mm, so Changan Uni-K is more atmospheric and more visual impact in new design.

Changan Uni-K’s largest bright spot is from the interior, which brings completely different visual effects, central control The four LCD screens on the stage are the most eye-catching part. The full liquid crystal dashboard consists of 3.5 + 10.25 + 9.2-inch triple screen, simple and technological, 12.3-inch medium control screen adopts a suspended design, built-in Changan Incall The system is equipped with an allocation of Uni-K in the science and technology level.

Dynamic, Chang’an Uni-K is equipped with Blue Whale 2.0T engine, maximum power 171 kW, peak torque 390 cattle MIDDOT; rice, this engine adopts 350bar high-pressure injection system + fuel three times, while increasing The press is also improved to a low inertia double scroll boost. A letter 8at and Blue Whale a new generation 2.0T engine is the top power configuration of Changan Auto.

Low-cost entrance, Chang’an Uni-K “does not speak Wu De”?

From the product forces, Chang’an Uni-K integrates the most powerful configuration of Changan Automobile. Before listed, you generally believe that UNI-K final selling price It will break through 200,000 yuan ceiling, but the final Changan will control the US-K top with models in the price range of 184,900 yuan, and the price range of 150,000-18 million yuan makes many people call “not to talk to Wu De”.

Independent Brand Brand B-class SUV Market has been in the year, including Changan Auto, also have a layout, and CS85 Coupe and CS95 are the first experience of Changan Chong high, obviously not a success. Relying on new product sequences, Changan Automobile will continue to impact medium SUV markets.

For a long time, the medium-sized SUV market has been firmly occupied by the joint venture SUV, including Tiguan L, Explore Yue, Ango, Hanland Da and other models. It is dealing with the market for the market. Monthly 40,000 + achievements, Changan Uni-K also officially launched a new round of impact on “seniors”. Compared with the joint venture SUV, Changan Uni-K has a higher price / productivity and a complete configuration under the premise of size.

At the same time, it is not only a self-employed brand this year, and the Wey Mocha and Geely Star are also, the first in the game. Changan Uni-K is in low price, it is necessary for Wey and Geely will also re-quarry the amount of Mocha and Star.

“Excellence” is enough, “honor” value

Changan Uni-K only launched 4 models, all With 2.0T engine, specific segmentation configuration grade is divided into two models of excellence and honor, two-drive and four-wheel drive models. First of all, the biggest feature of Chang’an Uni series is that the standard is very rich, and UNI-K is no exception. The entry version of the two-wheel drive exceptions are equipped with electric trunk, automatic headlights, automatic parking, panoramic sunroof, 9.2-inch LCD instrument, 12.3 inches Control screenAnd in a safe configuration, the front row of double airbags, front-sided airbags, front and rear air curtains, adaptive cruise, etc. are also equipped. From the configuration, the introductory model of the price of 153,900 yuan is enough to meet most of the consumer’s household needs, what truly “entry is high”.

Where is the distinguished type and excellent configuration? Whether it is two-drive or four-wheel drive, two configuration differences are $ 16,000, which contain a full set of smart driving assistance systems, specifically passive pedestrian protection, parallel assist, lane deviation, lane maintenance, road traffic logo identification, Reverse car side warning system, etc. On other configurations, the distinguished type is more than the excellent shape, the mobile phone wireless charging, the front seat vent, the main driving seat memory, the gesture control and face recognition of the vehicle system, 64 color cars, the inner gap, the back privacy glass Wait, another distinguished tire is upgraded to 21 inches.

After the configuration, I believe that everyone will feel that the price difference between 16,000 yuan is very value. Simply, the distinguished type is full of configuration, mainly upgrading in comfort and safety configuration. For consumers, the excellent type is complete enough, and the distinguished type is expensive, and there is money to buy high but not necessary.

As for the purchase of Uni-K required four-drive, buying a car, the uni-K’s four-wheel drive system uses the scenario of the slippery road and the pavement, only mild The off-country capability, and the UNI-K body size also limits it is not suitable for cross-field scenes, so bought a car, I don’t need a four-wheel drive system. This is a large space, configuring high city SUV. Standing at the market, UNI-K pricing allows the same level of models, especially the joint venture brand, so how does UNI-K will spend sales in 2021? Can you help Changan car success this time?

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