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How do high performance pure electric vehicles that keep the battery stability?

With the new era of electricity, intelligent, the Mustang family has also launched a new pure electric model – Mustang Mach-E.

On the performance, GT version of the model is only 3.65 seconds; the continuum, the maximum number of 619km CLTC integrated battery life is also amazing. But for a pure electric vehicle, especially the high-performance models such as Mustang Mach-E, the safety of the battery is particularly worthy of attention!

“Four Protection Design” Let the battery pack no longer become “gunpowder bag”

Speaking of the safety of the battery, I want to see the electric vehicle Spontaneous accident news. Whether it is like Tesla, Wei, Xiaopeng, is still a pure electric vehicle launched by some traditional car manufacturers, and it is unsaused. So what is the reason? Let the good battery pack become “gunpowder package”?

This has to make the “thermal out of control” problem of the battery! From the perspective of academic definition, “thermal out-of control” means that there is an exothermic chain reaction inside the battery, thus causing overheating phenomena in the rapid change of battery temperature rise. For lithium batteries that are generally used in electric vehicles, lithium metal is easy to react with oxygen in the air, release a large amount of heat, thereby generating strenuous combustion or even explosion.

Of course, the battery pack is not so “flammable explosion” in normal case, but once a collision causes the “battery internal separator”, the arc is generated by the “battery housing” melting , Excessive charge and discharge causes “electrolytic solution” oxidation decomposition …

Is there any potential hidden danger to take into account these potential hidden dangers when designing the battery pack design And to prevent it? Ford: Of course! And or

“four protective design”

First, MUSTANG MACH-E is designed in the structural design of the vehicle, the reserved collapsed space between the body and the battery pack is fully considered. High-strength anti-collision beams and transverse loads are designed in the outside and inside of the battery pack.The load transfer path to ensure that the battery pack does not collide with the outside, and the energy transfer can be achieved even after the collision is collisted, and the battery core does not deform or damage.

At the same time, the housing of the battery pack itself also uses high strength aluminum alloy extruded molding + housing spray electrophoresis design. Next, a large area of ​​water-cooled copper plate is placed on the battery pack to warm control. When the battery temperature is abnormal, the pressure relief valve design inside the battery bag can be derived from the instant to derive high-pressure flow to ensure the safety of the crew.

As for the inside of the battery pack, the battery module reserves the expansion space between the battery and the battery cell and is provided with an airgel to ensure the battery life. Maximize the chain reaction produced during the battery thermal diffusion process to minimize the cause of the entire battery pack.

Finally, it is a three-yuan lithium battery that loves and hates! Ford uses 58.5ah small capacity battery design, and the design of high-strength with ceramic layer and explosion-explosion valve is used inside the battery cell to minimize internal positive and negative direct contact short circuits, and fully guarantee the safety of battery. .

“Strict Safety Test” makes the battery pack security are just theory

In addition to autonomous completion of the design of the battery pack, and has made more minds in the design. Safety redundancy, as a car manufacturer with over a hundred years of history, naturally also have a stricter requirement for each product. For MUSTANG MACH-E, it is of course battery security, which must not only stay in design theory, but also need to protect each car through stringent experiments!

For example, each of the cells in the MUSTANG MACH-E battery pack requires a series of battery safety tests through the Ford Global Standard. Only after different temperatures,

has undergone a life test for up to 4,500 hours

, this battery is eligible to become a member of the MUSTANG MACH-E.

Battery aging and excessive charge and discharge problems caused by fast charge, Mustang Mach-E has completed 240,000 kilometers of full-service durability testing during nearly two years, and uninterrupted completion of over 300 fast charging tests. .

As for the waterproof anti-stainability of the battery, the battery pack of MUSTANG MACH-E is also uncompromed, directly achieved the highest level protection standard for IP67 and IPX9K. Even in a 1 meter deep water soaked for 30 minutes, the battery pack does not appear any water.

In addition, there is a detail worthy of attention! You know, according to the domestic current standards, the battery needs to ensure that there is no fire within 5 minutes, while the Mustang Mach-E’s battery pack can not be guaranteed that there is no fire in ten minutes, not exploding. At the same time, Ford will also send a thermal out-of-control warning to the user in the shortest 2S through the smart battery monitoring system.

Write in the last

In the first owners of the MUSTANG MACH-E, we can see that the vehicle and the three-power system support for 8 years or 160,000. The quality of kilometers is much higher than Tesla Model Y and other lots of new power! The reason, in addition to allowing consumers to be more assured when buying pure electric vehicles, the back is the confidence in battery safety in battery safety!

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