How is the most sporty luxury medium car, how is the Cadillac CT5?

A few years ago, the luxury car market competition is not too fierce. Cadillac, which is the second line of luxury brand camp, has exchanged a certain market share through the promotional means of price exchange. However, due to the gradual expansion of the luxury car market, consumers are more keen to buy luxury brands. For more users, the price has always opened promotion in the terminal market, which makes Cadillac survival. Striosis. Since the price reduction of this road is not available, Cadillac sorry is quotted in QUOT; a large blood-blood quot; while launching the median car in the young consumer market, Cadillac CT5 is the first work.

After the new car launched, the majority of consumers were concerned, because the new generation of BMW 3 Series has become a complete household car, let the consumption of holding currency It is expected that the goal has to be transferred to this Cadillac CT5 that replaces the BMW 3 is a luxury medium vehicle stem.

Before the Spring Festival holiday, CT5 made an annual change, the new car is still 6 models, the starting price is also 2797 million yuan, but the top match is more than 2,000 yuan. Come to 3417 million. Next, look at which one CT5 is worth buying?

First, the model is simple review, and the CT5 uses the latest generation of the design language, and the larger shield of the large-size shield is mixed on the two sides of tears, the whole face Rendering a strong moving atmosphere. The roof lines naturally take the end to the end of the end, forming a slipper design of slipping. In addition, the CT5 provides two appearance kits of ordinary and sports editions. The difference between the two is used in the former network, the window, and the like, and the moving version is replaced with highlighting black material. .

Interior, typical, typical, technology, and exquisite extent, slightly behind the German, but in terms of materials, medium console and door panels It is guaranteed by covering and texture along the leather.

Dynamic, CT5 is equipped with 2.0T turbocharged engine, maximum horsepower 237, peak torque 350 nm, transmission system matches 10-speed handletter gearbox.

Configuration analysis

First, it is 28T technology type for 279,700 yuan, although as the minimum matching, it still insists on luxury brands. The bottom line will not be treated as a mascot as a joint venture model, and the whole car is only engine, gearbox, chassis, and there is no choice. Like front-side airbag / air curtain, active brake, reversing image, keyless entry, 10 inches of control instrument panel wireless carplay, main driving electric seat adjustment, etc. However, the appearance will be small, because the lack of sports kits and hub size are only 18 inches, so it seems to have a unwaches with the top-bearing platinum version.

The following is a fashion type of 10,000 yuan, which is more than the door, and after the newly added reversing radar, the panoramic sunroof, the proportion of the rear seats, Outer rear view mirror electric folding, imitation leather seat. Overall, it seems that the function of this 10,000 yuan seems to have only a little help, but this thing can be installed in later periods, there is no need to spend 10,000 for this item, as for other configurations, most of them can have no The extent, everyday uses to be unbearable.

Add 5,000 yuan to the fashion sports version, as the name suggestions, this configuration is to join more sports kits on the basis of the fashion version, there is no improvement in the car configuration, if The appearance needs are not consumers who value special values, then I suggest that there is no need to choose this configuration.

When the luxury version of the model, the official guidance price is 299,700 yuan, which is 10,000 yuan on the fashion type, but the value of this 10,000 yuan is It is much higher than 10,000 yuan upgraded from technology. Not only adding main driving waist support in comfort, the co-driver electric adjustment, the front seat heating, 15 speaker BOSE sound, leather seat, etc., and in terms of practicality, the front radar, reversing image, automatic headlights, Induction wiper. This part is the upgrade we can feel in the process of use, this 10,000Yuan is spend on the blade.

Add 10,000 yuan, come to the price of 3097 million yuan, compared to the luxury version, the main upgrade points are appearance and seat, joining the black sports The kit is upgraded to a polished scrub pattern, and the seat is replaced with a motion design, and the function is added to ventilation, massage, memory, and leg support. Suitable for colorful control buyers.

The last is a top-bearing platinum motion version, and the difference between the secondary-top match is from 32,000 yuan, compared to the upgrade of 10,000 million, this The secondary is very large. However, the configuration has also come to this level of the top level, and the whole vehicle has been significantly improved. The appearance of the top with exclusive, the top with exclusive smoked rim, passive safety to join the knee airbag, and the active safety side adds a set of L2-level driving assistance systems. When conducting long-distance travel, this set of assisting systems can significantly reduce driving fatigue . Of course, these practical configurations are apparent from 32,000 yuan, and more money is spent on the LSD electronic sliding differential installed on the rear bridge. It can guarantee the body attitude and stable when driving. More confidence.


Comprehensive six models, if the budget is limited, it will be low-ortened. On the official offer, the price of bare auto cars is about 240,000 yuan, and the basic configuration is also good. Cost is still a good choice. For configuration requirements, it is hoped that it can meet the level of luxury brand medium cars, then the luxury version of the 299,800 yuan is worthy of recommendation. Of course, you must experience the CT5 pure motion attribute, then the top with the Brembo brakes, the LSD limit slip differential is the only choice.

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