How long does the car fuel tank are cleaned once?

Car fuel tank cleaning, mainly divided into two parts: inside and outside.

First check the tank, then use the filter bucket to remove the oil, then insert the clean plastic tube into the bottom of the fuel tank, gently blow the bottom gasoline, and roll to the purpose of cleaning. When cleaning, you can use a clean cloth, and then constantly changing the position and direction of the blowing tube, but must avoid the friction surface sensor as much as possible. After 20 minutes, gasoline is released, and the impurities in gasoline will flow together.

Why is a cleaning tank, although the fuel tank is in a semi-closed state in addition to the fuel, it is fully enclosed. However, as the age increases, the use time is growing, and the precipitation impurities in the fuel tank will be more and more. It also has impurities in the oil, and the bottom of the oil storage of each gas station will also accumulate a lot of impurities. These impurities are first deposited to the bottom of the tank after entering the fuel tank. When the deposition is slowly deposited, it will also pass the fuel to the automobile engine, which will lead to very serious wear.

When to clean, the fuel tank itself also has protection measures, which can waterproof. If you travel for a long time, you may have oil passages to the car when you are around 30,000 kilometers. Also or replace the filter. Otherwise, once, it has been blocked, and the fuel tank is too high. There will be a movement in the process of the car. Under the high pressure, the fuel tank is easy to crack, and there will be oil leakage conditions when it is serious, and the fuel consumption will also become very high.

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