How much is the Audi Q5L really returned to the sincerity

Recently, Beijing store Audi Q5L full-scale promotion maximum comprehensive discount of 160,000 yuan, the current car is full of cars, complete color, sales nationwide, no regional limit, complete procedures!

Tips: Double during the event Carrying the hotline has a chance to get a factory funded (20,000) decoration spree. Our store takes into account the distance from foreign customers to Beijing, (successful car) can be reimbursed to Beijing one-way traffic fee [train ticket, high-speed iron ticket (limited to two)] Considering that foreign customers are not familiar with Beijing. There is a free shuttle bus to Beijing, welcome to the store to buy a car.

2020 45 TFSI enjoys luxury sports


Sales of national

2020 45 TFSI enjoys sports

47.09 million


[123 ] Electric meter

2020 45 TFSI enjoys the windy


Sales [123 ]

The car is sufficient

2020 45 TFSI exclusive fashion type

4452 million

Sale National

2020 40 TFSI honor enjoys-in-treatment

Appearance, not only The family-type design language is used, and in some details, it has been more perfect. It uses a lot of silver-stained plate decoration in front of the face. It also brings the Audi Q5L to the Audi Q5L while improving the automobile grade. The large lamp group on both sides is a rectangular modeling design. The lighting effect is very good at night, but also completely failed to live up to the Audi “Lighting Factory”, and the left and right air portals in the lower side of the air-plated is also used. Go to decoration, and the level is relatively strong.

The anodel model in the interior is never lacks a luxurious, solid workmanship and exquisite materials are impeccable, large-sized full LCD dashboard, central control Suspended display supports touchpad + integrated control mechanism operation, highlighting technology. The configuration is standardized with tire pressure monitoring, active brake, post parking radar, fixed speed cruise, multiple driving mode, engine start and stop, automatic parking, uphill assist, decrease in sundial, can open panoramic window, electric backup Wait, there is also a parallel assist in the medium and high models, lane deviations from warning, lane maintenance assist, 360 degree panoramic image, adaptive cruise, automatic parking position and other practical configuration.

This store is committed to:

1. The maximum comprehensive discount of 160,000 yuan during the event.

2. The owner himself with ID card to fill in the vehicle information, and foreign customers need to contact the sales manager in advance.

3. The company’s solemnity of the company can enjoy the lowest price in the country during the purchase of the company.

Guide Sales national Electric meter 123]
is full of cars
2020 40 TFSI Rongxiang Fashion 41.58 million Sales of the national The current car is sufficient
3878 million Electric meter is full of cars
2020 Audi Q5L long-width high is4753 (4765) / 1893 / 1659mm, the wheelbase is 2908mm. The power is equipped with a 2.0T engine +7 gear double clutch transmission, the maximum output power is 190 horsepower and 252 horsepower, the maximum torque is 370 nm.

4. The store is in all models in all models. Enjoy three national warranty three-pack policy. And you can authorize the regular 4S shop for free in a regular 4S shop for free, and post-maintenance. 5. Because Beijing restrictions policy, the company is now developing the field market, and for foreign friends to visit the Beijing purchase, the company can reimburse the toll. (Reimburse the two-way fare of two people) Business hours: Monday to Sunday (9: 00-17: 30)

Enjoy national warranty services, customer first, reputation First, the car can be transferred for free

National Sales Tel: 13718188732 Manager (24-hour online)

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