How much is the car summer tire pressure? 2.5 high

Standard Tires: 2.4-2.5bar; Enhanced Tires: 2.8-2.9Bar; Maximum Pneumatic: It should not be higher than 3.5 bar.
Seasonal factors, winter: appropriate to increase by 0.2 bar by car tire standard air pressure. Summer: Standard air pressure in the car tire. Summer car is parked in open air, the air pressure can generally be about 0.1bar lower than the standard, so as not to high temperature puncture.

Automotive tire pressure is an important factor affecting the life of the tire, do not be too high or too low, to be inflated according to the tire pressure indicated by the vehicle, it is necessary to note that tire pressure It will change with temperature changes, affected by thermal expansion, winter tire pressure will also decrease, if not appropriate increases tire pressure, not only increase the fuel consumption of the car, but also accelerate the wear of the car tire, usually the car Tire pressure standards are cold car status: 2.3-2.5 is all normal, up to 3.0; minimum should not be less than 2.1.

(1) Tire pressure is too high, the tire and the road surface contact surface will be small, the tire center is easy to worn; and the adhesion is small, affecting the safety; the tire pressure is too high tire shock absorption It affects the comfort of the car. If there is a hot summer, the tire pressure will increase the risk of puncture.

(2) The tire pressure is too low, the tire and the road surface contact surface are easily caused by severe wear, the steering is heavy, the rolling resistance of the car becomes large, the fuel consumption is increased; and the tire is repeatedly extruded, resulting in a lot Thermal, thereby happening.

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