How much is the new 2019 Mercedes-Benz Maybach VS680 imports of commercial vehicles now?

new ran Chi Maiba He [123 ] VS680 seven high-end luxury business atmosphere, into the mouth Benz VS680 Maybach edition seven top business setting, , imported Mercedes-Benz Maybach version VS680 high with seven low-key luxury version, which is characterized as follows; the second element surface space optimization Geping with the world’s first curved slide (to solve the cockpit cramped ills: inclining direction cockpit Geping 18 cm, aside ample room for two rows of passengers pace: TV entrance freely down), with bis battery power supply system, further comprising a new Maybach VS680 multifunction steering wheel, comprising the GPS global navigation satellite system, 360-degree panorama comes Maybach VS680 [ 123] reverse image, followed. May also be new Maybach VS680 the PWM human-machine interface smart sensor dimming system, a wireless telecommunication device (the central armrest of the passenger compartment may be an electric control), and may also be [ 123] intelligent interactive control system. For details, please contact the hotline below Sales Consultant: Shen slightly

[ 123]

2019 new Maybach VS680,

in the sliding door automobile electric drivetrain (one-button control, with anti-pinch function),


power connector, USB Multi-connector (i.e., high-definition digital video / audio Multi-connector), Line speed, etc. German standard vehicle configuration function, 2019, paragraph

Maybach VS680 were surrounded by large whole car stereo, a modified Maybach VS680

alloy keel roof, thus (to make the appearance more dignified, more spacious inner cabin),

small air convection multifunction sunroof (to be completed open, turn on, turn off three kinds of command) and, while the shielding curtain is provided.

2019, paragraph

Maybach VS680

Cockpit: Yes portable electronic refrigerator, as well as the whole car dome light aviation Maybach squared fiber optic ambient lighting, you can create rest and quiet atmosphere, the space-optimized surface Geping clock inlaid Switzerland


IWC practical storage box (below the surface Geping set up mini-technology air cleaner (sustainable operation 600 [123 ] hours without failure) [] [] 2019 123 123 paragraph, Maybach VS680 seat functions: longitudinal adjustment motor, electric rotary adjustment, electric backrest adjustment, S [123 ] Motorized stage expand a memory button heads seats seats, heated, ventilated, can also be a pneumatic massage, while the rear with luxury utility electric folding sofa bed, heating, ventilation, air massage function, secondly, after the Maybach VS680 cabin comes with folding tray table, also with a 14-inch touch screen multimedia entertainment, so rear cabin guests better comfort, better fun, not boring.

[123 ]

Information Information: 159–1079–9765, (the same micro-channel Sales Consultant: Shen slightly

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