How much is the price of Ford Mondeo?

Recently, Beijing store Fort Mondeo’s full promotion has a maximum comprehensive discount of 10,000 yuan, the current car is full of cars, the color is complete, selling nationwide, no regional limit!

Tips: During the event, you have a chance to call the car. Get one of the manufacturers sponsored (20,000) decoration split. Our store takes into account the distance from foreign customers to Beijing, (successful car) can be reimbursed to Beijing one-way traffic fee [train ticket, high-speed iron ticket (limited to two)] Considering that foreign customers are not familiar with Beijing. There is a free shuttle bus to Beijing, welcome to the store to buy a car.



2020 ECOOST 180 fashion

1928 million


The current car is sufficient

2020 EcoBoost 180 luxury


Sales national

The current car is sufficient

[123 】 Sold National

Electric meter

The current car is sufficient

2020 EcoBoost 200 luxury

[123】 2268 million

Electric meter

The car is sufficient

[ 123] The appearance of 2020 Fort Mondo continues the family-style design style, and the front face of Martin has a high identification. The air intake grille pattern of the car is more exquisite, and the multi-banner-type Chinanet is very generous. The entire grille decorates chrome-plated knits to improve texture. The front headlight set of the car is very powerful. The inner lens of the lamp group is a vertical style. The visual effect after lighting is very nice, and the straight line of the carton is kept tilted.

Mondeo’s master / passive safety configuration is very complete, including brake assist (EBA / BAS, etc.), front reversing radar, uphill assist, and then reversing radar , LED day running light, knee airbag, collision warning / active brake, lane holding, automatic parking, braking force distribution (EBD), side safe gas curtain, body stability control (ESP / DSC, etc.), children’s seat Chair interface, traction control (ASR / TCS, etc.), brake anti-lock (ABS), engine start and stop, tire pressure monitoring and other configurations.

2020 Ford Mondeo provides 1.5T, 2.0T engine, transmission matched 6AT gearbox, the maximum output power is 182 horsepower, 207 Horsepower, the maximum torque is 243N.m, 354N.m, and the power output is still more powerful.

1. The maximum comprehensive offer of 80,000 yuan during the event.

2. The owner himself with ID card to fill in the vehicle information, and foreign customers need to contact the sales manager in advance.

Sales National Cash discount
2020 ECOBOOST 200 fashion 20.58 million
This store is committed to:

3. During the company’s solemn commitment activities, you can enjoy the lowest price in the country during the sales model, buy expense difference. 4. Our store is a regular brand new commodity vehicle. Enjoy the national jointBaobao policy. And you can authorize the regular 4S shop for free in a regular 4S shop for free, and post-maintenance.
5. Because Beijing restrictions policy, the company is now developing the foreign market, and the company can reimburse the toll for foreign friends. (Reimburse the two-way fuses) with valid bills).

Business hours: Monday to Sunday (9: 00-17: 30)

Enjoy national warranty services, customer first, reputation first, car can be transferred for free [123 ]
National Sales Tel: 185 1006 2789 Manager (24-hour online)

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