How much is the price of the top 11 Toyota Coaster Coaster with

Toyota Coaster car modified car business car length length of 7.005 m, a width of 2.040 m body, body height of 2.774 meters. From the basic performance of Toyota Coaster, the Coaster luxury car equipped with a powerful petrol engine V6-4.0L 6GR, maximum 232 horsepower, Huatong Toyota Coaster Deluxe Edition Scotiabank commercial vehicle engine with intelligent dual variable valve timing system, high compression techniques, efficient intake and exhaust systems, as well as a number of other low-friction reducing fuel consumption technology. Powerful engine power, providing great convenience for your business travel, special treatment system also reduces environmental pollution. Toyota Coaster powerful configuration modified commercial vehicles are high quality foundation.

Toyota Coaster minibus always uphold the appearance of a low-key luxury interior design, original car and the modified car are two distinct concepts, only suitable for the original car commuter bus, and the remodeled Toyota Coaster is transformed into a high-end business reception car, the Toyota Coaster as well as for departments and units, the company shuttle 9/10/11/12/13/14/15, 16, 18 and 19 seat versions that period relative to the Deluxe Edition 5-14 seats, RV version to be more low-key, of course, the price is cheaper.

FAW Toyota Coaster [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15 ] [16] [17] [18] [20] Huatong Scotiabank ◤ Toyota Coaster ◢ sales refit 10 (Premium) 11 (Deluxe Edition, Executive Edition, VIP version) 12 (Premium Edition , Ultimate, VIP version) 13 (VIP version, the Extreme Edition), Toyota Coaster luxury high-end interior conversion, for inspection work, group activities, high-end conference reception car and so on.

Toyota Coaster also allows you to breathe fresh air in a sealed car, as well as ceiling-mounted TV, deluxe double air seats, secretary desk, car refrigerator, high-speed rail curtains, carpets imported fire-retardant and so on. Design every detail reflects the style and the perfect combination of function.

Toyota Coaster external modification gives a comfortable visual enjoyment, while the interior design was more to give us a comfortable driving experience. Huatong Scotia modified Toyota Coaster in the interior design unique in the modified program is that we can adjust according to their own choice, the Toyota Coaster modified commercial vehicle from the seat settings, you can make the car there is enough space in the course of the ride, we can choose a more comfortable position.

as a large Toyota Coaster bus, because of the larger volume of the body itself, the driver faces vision blind spot would be a security risk driving the process, so China Toyota Coaster pass Scotia modified commercial vehicles in front of the provincial planning and scheming on large, all of vision can not reach the scale by means of imaging equipment will arrive pass through the camera operating table, to facilitate the driver better control traffic, to ensure road course safety. Add the same body as the rear wing change reversing radar reversing impression, more secure and reliable planning to ensure that we observe the road conditions in the driving process, advancing the safety factor.

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