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Good news, recently Xiaobian visits Dongfeng Nissan dealers learned that the store is quite complete in the store, color is quite complete. In terms of selling, the purchase of car cash discount of 90,000 yuan, and the store will have more cash discounts. Interested friends can go to the store to enjoy the car test drive. This activity is limited time special promotion, the time limited number is limited, first come first served! Fertile purchase, a lot of surprises, a lot of discounts, you can enjoy 2-3 years interest-free, low interest, low payment, fast down payment, fast, prominend: ID card. Driver’s license. Four major bank cards.) If the reputation is good, the fastest can reach 2 hours Next 4. The bottom of the 4S shop sales consultation phone]

Tips: During the event, you have the opportunity to get the car. The manufacturer sponsored (20,000) decorative split package. Our store has taken into account the road to Beijing to Beijing, (successful car) can reimburse the one-way traffic (limited to 2,000 yuan) [train ticket, high-speed iron ticket (limited to two)] Considering that foreign customers are not familiar with the road. There is a special car to pick up, welcome to the store to buy a car.

2021 2.0TXVAD1 Zhizun Pilot Edition

Sales National

Electric meter


2021 2.0T XLupper AD1 Zhiji Pilot Edition

Sales National

The current car is sufficient

The current car is sufficient

Electric meter

is full of cars


Dynamic, new car mount 2.0L naturally inhaled and 2.0 T turbocharged engine. Among them, 2.0 VC-Turbo turbocharged engines, maximum power 185KW, maximum torque 380 nmiddot; M, 0-100km / h acceleration time is 6.5 seconds. 2.0L natural gas intake engine maximum power 117kW, maximum torque 208nmIddot; M.

Guide Sales Cash discount Current car case [ 123]
[ 123] Electric meter
2021 2.0T XL science version Electric meter
2021 2.0L XLupper Issue Edition [ 123] Electric meter The car is sufficient
2021 2.0L XL comfort Electric meter is full of cars
2021 2.0L XE fashion version
The new generation of Nissan Tianzhu uses the latest family design, the overall line of the head is very beautiful, using V-shaped big mouth intake grille, connects the latest LED headlight set on both sides, adopting Open-eye design, both side fog lights use a circular design, and the front face design is distinct. An increased version of Nissan Bluebird of Live Living. Its long width height is 4901/1850 / 1447mm, and the wheelbase is 2825mm, which is more than 10mm and 20 mm, which is increased by 10mm and 20 mm, and the height is reduced. The wheelbase is increased by 50 mm. Tianzhu’s interior design is also a comprehensive innovation, giving a sense of freshness, and elegant style is also more in line with the needs of consumers. Compared with the current model, its center console is simple, and the partition layout of various functions is clear.Sneewered outlines let it look at more levels. It uses the popular suspension mode design, simplifies the control buttons of the central control desk, cooperate with the dark-color two-color interior design, so that it looks very simple and refreshing. At the same time, the three-spoke multi-function flat steering wheel can also improve the motion of the interior. In terms of configuration, new Tianzhu will be equipped with all LED headlights, auto-conditioned, and the back air conditioner is air, and the outer rear view mirror electric folding, two skylights, 8 inch multimedia screen, HUD look up, 19 inch aluminum alloy wheel, 360DEG; panoramic image, automatic parking, front seat heating, steering wheel heating, keyless entry / start, electronic handbrake and autohold automatic parking, etc.

The store has a six-guarantee: The first heavy guarantee: the original product car ensures a new car non-accident rework car. The specific price is subject to the phone or to the store.

Second weight: guarantees quality to ensure professional testing before each car is factory factory, you can drive home on the same day

The third security: ensures that the vehicles sold can be set up normally, and the national six emission standards.

Fourthweight: The goods are provided on the day

Fifth security: the sold vehicles can be stored in all parts of the country

Sixth Security: Due to the restricted purchase of the company, the company is now developing the field market, and the company can be reimbursed for the company for foreign friends.

(Reimbursement of two people with one-way car) All employees welcome you! Dedicated to your service! All employees of this shop are looking forward to your visit, your satisfaction is our service!


Opening time : Monday to Sunday (9: 00-17: 30)

Factory direct sales, full car, complete color, can go throughout the country, national warranty !

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