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[123 ] Current price (10)


2019 330TSI four-wheel drive network version




Electricity price

↓ 4/50 million

2019 330TSI two-drive comfort


↓ 4 / 50,000

[ 123]

The car is sufficient

Electricity price [123



2019 330TSI four-way distinguished type


Electric disclosure price

2019 380TSI four-drive R-line



Electricity price

is full of cars



Electricity price

24 hours sales hotline: 186-1086-2770 song manager WeChat synchronization (sold nationwide)

Slightly The back curve of the slope and the outstanding car are disturbed, add a bit of moving atmosphere to the tail shape of the vehicle. In addition, the matrix all LED taillight group with a running-water turret is also a pen in the tail design of the exploration. carIn terms of size, the new truck body length is 4589/1860 / 1660mm, and the wheelbase is 2731mm. The lines of the car can absolutely let the overall value of the Yue more than one level, the waistline looks very much.

24 hours sales hotline: 186-1086-2770 song managers WeChat synchronization (sold nationwide)

24 hours sales hotline: 186-1086-2770 song manager WeChat synchronization (sold nationwide)

Guide Guide (10,000) preferential amplitude (10,000)
The car is sufficient
↓ 4 / 50,000 [ 123] The current car Volkswagen 2019 280TSI two-drive luxury 20.29
Electricity price is full of cars
2019 330TSI two-wheel drive luxury [123 ] 22.28 Electricity price
Volkswagen岳 2019 330TSI two-drive distinctive 25.48 The current car is sufficient
2019 330TSI four-wheel drive luxury 23.78 [123 4 / 50,000
is full of car
↓ 4 / 50,000 Volksociety 2019 380TSI four-drive distinguished
↓ 4 / 50,000
↓ 5 / 60,000 [ 123] The current car is sufficient Explorer’s head styling looks very young, design uses a lot of T-ROC exploration song design language, very young consumer Happy. The six-sided day driving light also combines the function of the turn signal, the identification is very high, but only the models above the model are only. The headlight group and the lower part of the grille are not completely parallel but protrude downward, and the internal use of armor pattern, the upper and lower chrome plated strips are dotted and extended to the inner wall of the headlight set.
Compared with the head and On the side of the car, the shape of the car is much placed, and it is still a very unfamiliar sense. There are many hidden exhaust layouts in the most recent popular / Audi. In winter, the holiday air in the surrounding, the owner may feel awkward, and the hidden exhaust layout of the Yue is bilateral Two out. 24 hours sales hotline: 186-1086-2770 Draft Manager WeChat synchronization (sold nationwide) Interior layout Circle. The model is simple and slightly tilted to the driver’s side, the most recent family-cultural design. Even the positional interchange between the central air-conditioning air outlet and the central control display is also the details of the new Bora, the purpose is to keep the driver’s sight in the driving process level as much as possible. In addition, in a 10.3-inch full liquid crystal meter, 9.2-inch central control screen and 24 interior, new car interiors also change the monotonous and dullness of traditional public interiors, and turn more avant-garde and technological texture. Comprehensive information display of multimedia settings, driving assistance system settings, and complete projection of central control navigation also basically inherits the design advantages of Audi virtual cockpit meters.

Dynamic, explore Yue Also has a high and low power version EA888 2.0T engine. Among them, the 380TSI top with models, which equipped with high-power version of the third generation EA888 2.0T direct spray turbine boots, maximum power 162kw (220ps), maximum torque 350 nmIDDOT; M. The transmission system of the new car matches the public DQ500 7-speed wet dual clutch gearbox. The 4Motion full-time four-wheel drive system uses Borg Warner’s fifth-generation electric control multi-card-type central differential, in the daily driving state, the front wheel can obtain 90% of the power output, but under the limit condition, the rear wheel A power distribution that is still close to 100% can still be obtained.

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