How much is the winter tire pressure? Really “2.5Bar best”

How much tire pressure should be the problem that the newbie driver is the hardest problem. Some old drivers said that the standard tire pressure is 2.5 bar, and it is definitely not wrong. There are also old drivers to say that 2.5bar is not absolute, but also considering temperature factors, ldquo; thermal expansion and shrinking RDQUO; also have to add it. Therefore, There should be a few pressure in winter, becoming a controversial topic.

In fact, these two answers are not accurate!

There is low temperature in winter, and it is necessary to consider the principle of thermal expansion. But the tire tire pressure of the car cannot be judged so simply. Instead, I have to see LDQUO;

factory standard rdquo;

Each car actually has its own tire pressure standard, which is recommended, and has a certain difference depending on the number of people who often ride. This suggested tire pressure label is located near the vicinity of the passenger threshold, as well as the back of the fuel tank.

The reason why the tire tire pressure when each car is playing is because different models use different model tires. Some sports performance vehicles are flat, and some off-road vehicles are flat, and the side walls of the explosion-proof tire are thick, and the general tire side wall is thin,

These differences determine the tire should be used The tire pressure is not all 2.5 bar.

The 2.5 bar, which is often said because there is less model, and 90% of the models are household sedan, and the tire brands are similar. Today, the automotive industry has developed rapidly in China, and there are many models, so the specifications and standards of tires are different. Nowadays, the car users have much more attention to tire pressure.

The words retired, however, how much winter tire tire, still need to refer to the recommended tire ratings for their own models. And on the basis of the recommended tire pressure value, it is divided into two major categories:

If the air is filled, there is no popular road without snow


More than 0.2bar is more than 0.2bar than the factory.

. This will satisfy the long-term low temperature parking, notTire tire pressure is too low. Because the tire pressure is too low, it will increase the rolling resistance to increase the rapid fuel consumption, and the tire rapid wear occurs, even the puncture.

2, if in the case of filling air, on the winter ice and snow road , it is recommended that the tire tire pressure is 0.2-0.5 bar than the standard value, which will increase The grounding area of ​​the tire improves grip, reducing the probability of slipping and idling.

Of course, the above mentioned LDQUO;

fill air RDQUO; because mostly supplemental air when ordinary tires are filled with gas. Air is more obvious by the ambient temperature, so it is necessary to consider the case of thermal expansion and shrinkage. However, there are also some formal tire stores that can be filled with tires

Nitrogen . Nitrogen is an inert gas, which is not easy to change with the temperature of the normal vehicle environment. That is, the tires of

fill nitrogen are in winter or in summer, and they can be checked in accordance with the recommended tire pressure, and

There is no need to consider the problem of thermal expansion.

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