How the new 1.5T power? The new GS Geely Dorsett worthwhile to buy

can be said that the current auto market is in a car quot; process, we need to buy a car has changed; the replacement of old quot Young people want to buy more of a design, performance, configuration, fuel consumption and has a good overall performance models. China’s own brand of rapid development in recent years, is benefiting from good to meet the new demand.

Today coffee brother gave you a good sales performance of such models, Geely Dorsett GS. It launched in June last year, a new version, the price range of 7.78-11.68 million, the appearance of the new car on some of the details have been adjusted on the basis of models on the continuation of the old section, and add the 1.5T power, how its product strength? And it is worthwhile to start it? Then coffee brother and everyone will have a conversation.

exterior and interior highlights parse

The new Imperial GS appearance redesigned front face application chrome droplets ripples in net, surrounded by a redesigned, with a more extensive horizontal lines, the final front face looks sharper than the old models, and the use of new black Geely LOGO. (With photo: 2019 models 1.5TD DCT move Pro 260T)

At the same time, the new GS offers Dorsett quot surround for the front styling; quot action ; and quot; Ya quot; two designs, using the dynamic version of the L-shaped chrome trim design, decoration with elegant triangular plate, thereby moving projecting and elegant two styles.

divided into two types according to the different body size models, 1.8L version 4440/1833 / 1560mm, 1.4T and 1.5T versions for the 4440/1833 / 1573mm, wheelbase are 2700mm. Dynamic version of the model adds Obsidian Black two-tone body, than comparable competing products in terms of wheelbase small advantage, but rear headroom is not its strong suit.

StarDiamond color using lightweight design alloy wheels with red calipers excellent visual effect.

tough whole rear line fin design and, at the movement of the decorative details of the exhaust gas and the like, had been replaced by the suffix auspicious quot; GEELYquot; the LOGO words, under the bilateral surrounded design also consistent with the front face, the whole Heixia surrounded with a total of two bilateral type flat trapezoid exhaust port.

came to the interior, the overall layout follows the older models design, symmetrical layout gives a feeling of well-organized by silver trim, sewing the dotted line process, so that the perception is not so monotonous. Interior workmanship and materials brother coffee reached a level that the quality of the joint venture, which is very rare for a 10 million price of Chinese brands.

The facelift all models have adopted a new flat-type steering wheel, which is the same Bin more other models, compared to the old the new shape of the steering wheel more full, three-dimensional, looks younger, but also more comfortable grip feel.

dashboard using the traditional mechanical dual round, central traffic computer is a 3.5-inch color display, the display information is relatively abundant, with high L2-level model also has automatic driving function of the relevant display.

in the control area all models comes standard with an 8-inch high-definition LCD screen, internal equipped GKUI intelligent interconnect systems, and new mobile phone App remote engine control, air conditioning is turned on and other functions, also supports carPlay, carLife phone mapping functionality, convenience has improved significantly.

Notably, only high electron lever design with the use of models 1.5T, and 1.4T models still traditional mechanical lever Design .

BlockChairs continue to use the same old models Nouveau design, parcel and on both sides of the internal filling hardness are quite good, unfortunately, it is the main driving seat and only the top model is supported electrically adjustable.

In addition, a lot of care for passengers, for example, a total area of ​​more than 1 square meters of panoramic roof, rear and intermediate with two USB charging port, unfortunately, is not equipped with a separate rear air conditioning vent.

trunk little depth, scale down rear seats to extend support for more space, Colombian coffee that meet the everyday household is not a problem of.

power and how to feel manipulated?

power, the new version of the model Imperial GS six countries provide new compositions and a power 1.4T 1.5T, the maximum power, respectively 104kW (141Ps), 130kW (177Ps), maximum torque of 235Nmiddot; m, 255Nmiddot; m. Transmission, 6-speed manual matching, the CVT and CVT 7-speed double clutch gearbox.

on the driving experience, coffee brother focus on that new 1.5T models, this 1.5T three-cylinder engine with Volvo to develop standards, application of low-inertia turbine, injection technology in the home, with MASK optimize airway structure, the modular camshaft DVVT in the control technology, the book data has an absolute advantage in the same level.

plenty of dynamic performance, while the transmission shift logic and ride performance is good, when hard acceleration, even without opening movement mode , the transmission will downshift to meet the rapidly accelerating demand.

In addition, the new GS Dorsett’s steering effort, throttle back the brake pedal are also relatively modest, in line with the average consumer in the eyes quot; good opening quot ; definition, while steering the directivity is relatively accurate. MacPherson front suspension components using independent suspension, torsion beam axle suspension structure, proceedsIn Europe LeanNova chassis tuning, and can show some sense, the early part of the suspension is more taut, coffee brother that balance the vehicle’s comfort and mobility of moderation is relatively still in place.

coffee brother review

To be sure, the new Imperial GS in terms of appearance, or to configure dynamic performance have been improved, followed by coffee in Costa Rica last year participated in a test drive, leaving a good impression. Under the new 1.5T powertrain blessing, which is a price level of 10 million Chinese brand SUV after the upgrade facelift, from a cost point of view, it is recommended that Colombian coffee. As for which one to buy? Devaluation 1.4T CVT dynamic models, if the power has a higher demand and sufficient budget, then the power 1.5T models will be more suitable!

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