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How to choose the air conditioner filter, the “truth” behind the difference

The last phase of Xiaobian introduced LDQUO for the owners; air filter RDQUO; and LDQUO; air conditioning filter RDQUO; Differences, Many people no longer confuse these two concepts. However, the air filter element is filtered into the engine, so the relationship with the personnel in the car is not large.

However, the air conditioner filter is directly related to the respiratory health problem of the inner personnel. Its action is to filter the car exhaust gas, pollen, volatile organic matter, PM2.5 microparticles, etc. The importance may be greater than the air filter. That is, the air conditioner filter is like the LDQUO of the carriage; the mask rDQUO;, the passengers breatheed in the car, basically rely on the air conditioner filter. Therefore, how to choose the air conditioner filter, it is very important. Today, Xiaobian will give you the knowledge of the air conditioner filter.

The position of the air conditioner filter

Since the air conditioner filter is present for filtration in the cabin, so he is the last line of defense in the air conditioner.

The general air conditioning filter is placed in the position of the coiled glove box, and is the outlet of the air conditioner blowing into the vehicle. So, if we purchase the air conditioner filter, you can go to the glove box to replace the filter.

However, some models are particularly special, with double air conditioning filtration, both the glove box position and the engine compartment have an air conditioner filter, so that such a model is replacing the filter element. Check or replace between both places.


Air conditioning filter

Recommended Index: Five Stars

Efficient filtering PM2.5 fine particles, pollen, harmful gas, optimal filtration (123] Disadvantages: Price is expensive, individual models are not easy to find

In recent years, PM2.5 fine particles are attached to everyone. Air pollution and the outbreak of the new crown virus epidemic, let the owner of the door carefullyAir quality in the car, as well as the filtering effect of the air conditioning filter.

HEPA is a high-efficiency particle air filter element, which is mostly a folded type into a wind surface, and the back is a large number of activated carbon and decentralizers. This filter can be filtered to formaldehyde, pollen Wait, and filter PM2.5 fine particles is higher than 99.5 percentage. This type of filter can greatly protect the air quality of the car in the vehicle. Generally, the price of a treasure is 10,000 yuan to a few hundred yuan.

While HEPA prices are expensive, we have found that some domestic cars upgrade the air conditioner filter when the domestic vehicle is upgraded to the configuration of user needs. For example, Geely Car’s Xingrui and Hao Yue models, the original factory is equipped with LDQUO; N95RDQUO; mask level HEPA air conditioning filter. 100,000 yuan, the model is better than the air-conditioned filter cartoon with hundreds of thousands of models, this is not a conscience?

NO.2 Normal filter paper type air conditioner filter

Recommended index: four stars


Price absolute advantage, more purchase channels


Do not filter harmful gases and PM2.5 fine particles

air conditioning filter Common is a general filter paper air conditioning filter. It is mainly made of ordinary filter paper or non-woven fabric, which can only filter dust and foreign matter in the air, can not filter pollen, PM2.5 fine particles and formaldehyde.

The past, many cheap models are all like this, generally present pure white, white gray. This type of filter is suitable for places in the air environment of the vehicle, such as Hainan, Suzhou, has no obvious heavy industry.

From the point of view, this type of filter is the cheapest. If you go to a treasure to purchase the model,

The price is basically more than ten yuan to dozens of dollars .

This type of filter is recommended because of the absolute advantage of the price, and the urban harmful gas filtration environment is less encountered, mainly PM2.5 fine particles filtration, soIt is also always changed, and it is also the main way of use of such filter.

No.3 Activated carbon air conditioner filter

Recommended index: three stars

[123 Advantage:

Adsorption of formaldehyde and harmful odorless gas

Can not filter PM2.5, the price is not cheap enough

The activated carbon filter is on the filter layer Increase the activated carbon layer, both form a folded type. Activated carbon can better adsorb formaldehyde and harmful odor gas, purify the air into the vehicle.

However, activated carbon does not have a good filtration effect on PM2.5 fine particles, but it is only better to remove odors in the air. The price of this type of filter is in an intermediate gear. Generally, the price of a treasure is in dozens of or two hundred yuan.

The reason why Xiaobian is not very recommended because this type of filter is ldquo; it is not low if it is low, it is necessary to pay attention to health, but also buy the best filter filter, but the price and activated carbon filter are different. Too much. However, consumers who only want to save money are not as good as buying ordinary air conditioning filters, saving a lot of silver. Where is the air conditioning filter?

If the air conditioner filter needs to be replaced, some small white owners may go to 4S shop, after-sales personnel will replace the reminder when you maintained. However, most of the filter cartridges of the 4S shop do not have HEPA filter, even if there is activated carbon or HEPA filter, the price is also very high, plus working hours, it will be willing to cost it. The only thing that guarantees is just genuine and quality.

So, if you don’t want to be slaughtered by 4S shop, you have to purchase the air-conditioning filter to the repair shop to replace or replace it. If you buy it outside, you can easily encounter a fake, and it is easy to buy a bad category.

Therefore, the small series is recommended to purchase the owner of the air conditioner filter to choose the channel.

First is a familiar or understanding of the repair shop and accessories sales store to ensure the quality of the filter..

Secondly, you can choose to buy a genuine filter element in a treasure. This type of cat’s filter is generally licensed and guaranteed, and after-sales service is also more perfect.

How does air conditioning filter brands choose?

In addition to the so-called 4S shop origin filter, many third-party accessories brand air conditioning cores are very good, even some will exceed the effect of the original parts. Brand, comparable brands,

Bosch (

), Mann Filter

), Mahle

) , etc., these brands are more mature and the quality of genuine. Buy the owner of the air-conditioned filter in the Internet, you can focus on these three brands.

Finally, in the case of knowing what kind of purchase, what brand of air conditioning filter The contrast is good. Generally, the same brand on the Internet, the price of the same model is relatively transparent, the difference will not exceed tens of dollars, and it can find a reasonable price in the market average price. If there are more differences, it is a cheap filter element, and it must be a fake.

Through Xiaobian introduced, I hope that you will not be confused when replacing the air conditioner filter for your car.

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