How to deal with the tire air pressure light?

1, the vehicle is driving, the tire pressure is slight loss, if the vehicle tire lamina light is on, it is necessary to measure 4 Whether the tire gas pressure is normal, whether the pressure of the left and right tires is consistent, the tire pressure is too low or the inconsistency will cause the tire light alarm, and the observation must be continued after completing the tire pressure.

2, when a tire, replace the tire, replace the hub, there is a tire pressure alarm, under the premise of determining the normal tire pressure, there is no timely tire pressure reset, and the tire pressure alarm is also caused.

1, currently most of the household sedan detection tire pressure is relying on the wheel speed sensor, if the wheel speed sensor is not solid or damaged, it will cause the tire. Pressure alarm

2, generally high-end cars will be equipped with a 4-tire pressure sensor. After the sensor is damaged, the tire pressure alarm will cause a tire pressure alarm, and if there is no match after the damaged sensor, the case will also cause the tire pressure to detect inaccurate or No tire pressure is detected, resulting in tire pressure alarm

3, the tire sensor controls the computer damage, the computer software version will also cause tire pressure alarm.

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