How to penetrate intelligent into “capillary” from Yancheng Factory to HIPHI X Gaoto

In our past experience, the most picture of the most picture is a large factory, a close pipeline, a busy lady, and a busy logistics trolley, this is a factory, even a traditional car. Brand has a sign of powerful productivity. For traditional luxury brands, whether it is the body or interior, from the suture of the wing plate to the steering wheel, it is created by experienced “old master”, this is the true value of luxury.

However, with the advancement of technology, intelligence has not only been popular in vehicles, but now further penetrates all aspects of the factory production line. And people have increased the consideration of intelligence.

On September 13, the state teacher received the invitation of the Gaoto Auto, came to Jiangsu Yancheng, visited its first city boutique factory, see where the traditional factory is different, and he can give high cooperation What kind of intelligent bonus of cars.

more people, higher intelligence, more compact layout [ 123] In the process of visiting the factory, the first to give me the feeling is that this factory is really less. In particular, the welding workshop, up to two in each station, and the rest is the mechanical arm and CNC machine tools are busy.

In the spray lacquered workshop, the staff also “leisurely”, as long as the computer is input according to the color matching requirements of each order, then press the start button, the latest generation of Durr Durr, Germany Spraying robots will naturally make toner and spray, they have an atomization efficiency of 65,000 revolutions per minute, and the 38,000-volt high pressure adsorption capacity, plus 8 top coating processes, can ensure accurate, efficient, efficient, efficient It is also possible to minimize the opportunity of workers to touch paint, which is “clean and hygienic”.

Of course, as a large “distribution center” of the factory, the total shop is still very lively, because the assembly station here is very compact, plus intensive rows. According to the production plan, there will be two to three assembly workers on each station, and they are assembling the parts of the body, and the interior is installed into the car, while the smart robot is here.There is no use in it.

The other person is a final quality inspection link, here, the quality inspector will be in the help of GOM Blu-ray measuring, three-sit marking instrument and other equipment. The vehicle appearance is checked. In addition, vehicles also conduct some series of acceleration, braking, suspension dynamic testing, and software of automotive function, voice interaction and other software. When these are confirmed, the vehicle will be able to go successfully.

In the process of visiting, I found that “drivers” in the plant are also very small, only one to two forklifts are working, and often in many traditional factory workshops. The logistics car “Army” is not here. This is not because “driver” is lazy, or there is no production task. It is because this plant is equipped with a lot of the latest library C4-type interconnected robots that can be used through the migratory point and the set “courier” task planning route, and then the small and medium-sized components are accurate and efficiently sent to the corresponding workshop. And the station. This is like now in many hotels, which can be guaranteed to be accurate and can reduce human cost.

In addition, since high HIPHI X itself has a strong induction surrounding environment and automatic driving assistance, the vehicle will go to the warehouse through the final quality inspection. The whole process does not need “driver”. Although these HIPHI X drove out of the plant is a bit slow, the process of braking is relatively smooth, whether it is to identify the road. Through these two details, we see that the highly intelligent factory is more intelligent compared to many modern factories.

In the case where people are less, the layout of this plant can naturally be more compact. At the time of visit, my left hand is still the workshop, and the right hand is directly the quality inspection work, and the vehicle can only turn a bend. And our entire visit route can be done in a factory building, which is a lot of other traditional factories, and there are several rounds of walking with a shuttle bus.

In the planning of Gaohe Automobile, the city boutique factory in Yancheng is so simple that it is simple to produce cars. According to the official introduction, Gao He also wants to build a factory into a 4A-level industrial tourist attraction.In addition to providing a highly uncomfortable user with a comfortable, environmentally friendly and healthy experience center, more people also welcome more people to experience the unique charm of “learning” in the city center.

■ What is the Hiphi X of such “Zhizhu”?

As the activity is inaccurates the typhoon invasion, I only experience the 6th founded version of “Zhigang” Hiphi X in the perspective of the passengers after a short period of time.

In the driving process, the vehicle exhibits a very solid chassis to adjust the school. When the small ditch, there is a proper tenacity, neither there is a rebound in hard Bangbang, nor will there be loose soft. a feeling of.

When the driver quickly stepped on the pedal in the comfort and economy, the vehicle has not been the same, but I have no obvious back to the second row. I think this largely benefits from the rear seats more bonded to the human body, especially the back has sufficient support.

There is another digital display on the rear door of HIPHI X. There is a window lifting, air conditioning switch, air volume control, seat adjustment, etc. For the user, panel control needs to be Adapt to the process of learning, but it is very fun after it is used to it.

The same fun is also a door. When we are outside the car, you can open the side door through the button on the B column. In the car, we can control the opening and closing of the side door and top door by two buttons on the B column. Of course, these doors have an electric suction function, and peaceful and safe.

■ State Review

Although I actually experience HiPhi X time Long, not comprehensive, but from the only feelings, it still has a good quality, first possible to meet the positioning of high-end intelligent models, which also makes me a higher expectation on the 4 version of the model. Through the unique factory in Yancheng, we can also see that Chinese Express has a deep understanding of intelligent luxury.

These are now gradually being recognized by consumers. According to official data, from 5Since the launch of 6 models, HiPHI X has been delivered more than 1,500 vehicles, and users cover more than 100 cities across the country. Am 2009, 469 high HIPHI X was delivered, an increase of about 10% from July. At the Chengdu Auto Show at the end of August, HiPhi X 4 models have also opened a national delivery. Although the starting performance is good, how to make more consumers recognize that the high-yG is a luxury brand, Hiphi X is a luxurious smart model, further in the marketplace station, is a problem that the brand needs to be solved. I think further establish a perfect user community, with more comprehensive quality services, will have a good effect.

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