How to remove the car wiper?

The wiper sheet is the vulnerable part of the vehicle, which requires a better visual effect. Below you will share the replacement process of the rain brush.

First adjust the wiper to the maintenance position:

1, the general method is to start the wiper, when the wiper is scraped to the uppermost end, turn off the ignition switch, at which time the wiper can be Stop in the maintenance position

2, the second step needs to turn the wiper piece 90 degrees, then press the rain brush card, the old wiper piece can be removed.

When installing, according to the reverse steps

The owner does the two points to pay attention to the replacement of the rain brush,:

1, remove the old After the wiper, you need to put a thick cotton cloth in the windphone, prevent the wiper arm to break the windshield,

2, you need to re-adjust the rain brush after installing the new wiper, there is two white two When the wiper sheet is at the bottom, the two positions and the wiper sheets can be coincident.

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