How to treat the joint venture vehicle crash results, “Chinese and foreign are different” joint security benchmark Gone?

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just past 2019, the automotive market broke a negative attracted the attention of consumers: Volkswagen Passat sold for many years in C-IASI safety test results last place in the Chinese market, small bias in percentage 25 cash tragic collision, the cockpit being hit beyond recognition.

This is not the first time a joint venture vehicle fool of myself, and after a year, another god Honda Civic car also had a serious flaw side impact fracture of the B-pillar. Could not help but think: In the eyes of Chinese consumers more advanced joint venture vehicle, whether now fall altar

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joint venture vehicle is no longer the benchmark, local color repairer affect quality?

may be a lot people have forgotten that the first experimental vehicle after the introduction of C-IASI crash test, the set back is the tenth generation Honda Civic. In side-impact projects, the Honda Civic was severing direct B-pillar, thus scoring only M (qualified) for a final assessment of the body structure, vehicle occupant safety index even only P (poor) results.

was influential C-IASI just up the response Civic result is better now, However, there are still many people out of the Civic overseas test scores to compare. Especially the US version of the Civic scores in IIHS, almost the same impact projects, the total score of the US version of the Civic is G (good).

points to significant differences in the performance of the outer body design with a compound other problems. In the North American version, The Civic is so introduced: 1) to strengthen the B-pillar panel, sill outer panel, side panel upper edge of the beam are made of hot-formed steel, the strength of 1500Mpa; 2) a lower B-pillar design segmented soft area may be optimized collision path to absorb impact forces. (Objectively speaking, this design is actually a double-edged sword, if the materials are not in place, but is kind of damage.)

After coming to China, the tenth generation Civic the timber body is a set of criteria: the torsional rigidity of the vehicle body with respect to the ninth generation models have full 25 percent increase. High strength steel of the tenth generation Civic proportion (greater than of 980 MPa) used up to 12 percentage. Visible, Central European version of the Civic description of materials play a big discount. If a low level of material properties or welding process B using soft areas pillar, B-pillar does impact may cause breakage. (From the figure, it is in this region fracture occurred).

have since learned Civic, when the Passat collision results announced, consumers are naturally brought the US version of the performance comparison, in IIHS testing, the US version of the Passat rating is G (good). This is inevitably reminiscent of the Sino-US version of the Passat steal for the presence of the material, the use of inadequate strength grade of steel and other cases, because there is no substantial evidence, we are not good to speculate. He said only a place worthy of scrutiny, the US version of the Passat front structure and the domestic version is almost the same, although from a result of the collision body undergone great swing, but the test obtained outstanding (G) rating. Which had cast doubt on the domestic version of the timber still have some differences.


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joint benchmarking drop altar, but more domestic brands really?

C-IASI crash test introduced in the past two years, Chinese consumers concerned about the degree of automotive safety than ever before, once the joint venture is an important reason for brand safety benchmark stereotype is completely reversed.

At the same time the safety car was God reputation Waterloo, the other a message about auto safety crash worthy of our attention. The same is the end of 2019, in safety crash tests released in Europe and Australia, while the five-star performance of the two cars is MG HS production from China and the MG ZS EV. In the Euro NCAP published the results in these two cars even more than the focus on the European market Skoda and SEAT.

We tried to MG HS, for example, analyze the car to win 5 security design achievement points behind.

25 percentage of small projects offset collision frequent problems, stringer design is very key reason. Euro-NCAP did not use 25 small percentage offset collision, we do not compare directly. But after the crash MG HS degree of protection of the passenger compartment of view, BIW security design considerations more fully, MG HS stringer in the area to do a strengthened, with a full box type subframe, increased body rigidity, and therefore in the frontal offset crash and complete the project in a frontal collision, MG HS performance are good.

Application of the material is on the other hand. On MG HS, utilization of high-strength steel percentage exceeds 80, hot formed steel used in a proportion of up to 12 percent (concentrated in the key parts A pillar, B pillar, a dash panel, etc.), but also to avoid possible collapse against the occupant.

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From the test results Euro NCAP published point of view, MG HS in four segments project a more balanced, relatively vulnerable road users (pedestrian protection) project. In this regard, we can analyze two aspects go from active and passive safety. First, MG HS structure of the engine compartment has been optimized using pedestrian impact protection system to reduce injuries. In addition, it also equipped with a MG PILOT intelligent active driver assistance systems, the whole system comes standard XDS curve dynamic control system, ESP electronic stability system, multi-dimensional security configuration.

on MG PILOT intelligent active driver assistance systems, our elaborate, automotive ADAS system has many subsystems, such as ACC adaptive cruise, FCW forward collision warning, AEB automatic emergency braking, LDW lane departure warning and the like. I have experienced this from the SAIC and Mobileye systems together to create the most intuitive feeling is that in addition to the various subsystems work accurately, but also reflect the strong integration, teamwork.

For example, a front anti-collision alarm and FCW AEB automatic emergency braking operation logic: FCW detecting road conditions ahead, safe distance when the preceding vehicle or obstacle found insufficient when, or pedestrian crossing the road, there is a collision risk, it will alert the driver via LCD instrument. If you encounter a sudden insertion of a vehicle in front and other extreme cases, AEB will automatically intervene to help the driver to slow down in time to avoid a collision. MG PILOT intelligent active driver assistance systems to grasp the degree satisfactory.

then sold to overseas markets of MG models do not exist differences Chinese and foreign? There is a background, MG is the Chinese market first sold in more than 60 countries and regions through REACH, E-MARK, ECER100 most stringent regulations or other European certification brand, its vehicle models. MG HS and ZS EV production in China, using the same standards and foreign material.

Of course, a Chinese brand wants to go further, but the basic quality of security, in terms of quality level, do their homework will be an important issue of development up to the next stage.

backed by SAIC’s technical superiority, MG HS In addition to technical advance in ADAS, on NVH also has excellent performance. Some details of the design can be illustrated: MG HS car in the design of the vehicle body opening is a double sealing process used, only a small number of reserved underground pipeline for the exhaust and data acquisition system, to reduce the effects of opening . There are numerous electrical wiring harness, zipper, piping and exterior communicate on the vehicle. These slits feedthrough generated, the percentage of openings in the bare state will bring a 50 percent decreased the amount of sound insulation.

We said vehicle NVH control has three directions: Vehicle , assembly and BIW modalities. Want balanced development, are indispensable. For example, if only fierce plus the entire vehicle noise, so that the weight change quiet, fuel consumption is hurt. SAIC has the country’s most complete and advanced NVH testing laboratories, to look at the situation experienced by the author, from technical standards to the inspection and monitoring experience, SAIC are among the leading echelon. This brings direct advantage, MG HS Curb weight 1533kg, at the same level of outstanding lightweight level (such as Harvard H6 is 1675kg, the Honda CR-V is 1625kg).

Yasi Dun Summary

[ 123] struggle between domestic brands and joint venture brands, has moved from the early years of the configuration, to catch up with the development of design and safety performance. In recent years, the joint venture brands struggling to find new profit growth point, in time to control the quality of slack, such as the MG brand is force, and for our consumers is a good thing, the quality differences between domestic and joint venture shrinking , higher quality, more cost-effective domestic products are also being twistedTurn concept of consumer spending.

This development features a bit like the mobile phone industry. The early years of brutal growth of the mobile phone industry, domestic brands relatively low quality reputation, after years of shuffling and temper, leading brands have gained ground, even out of Asia to the world. Today buy Huawei’s friend, I would like to have in those days did not buy machine-made feel inferior, right? Mate 30 RS Porsche version of the price as high as 12,999 yuan, more expensive than Apple 11 7,500 yuan, but we do not think this is overconfident, but attracted a large number of scientific influx of people sought after.

Today, Chinese car brand development seems to be experiencing a similar mobile phone industry reshuffle and honed, MG rise in overseas markets like Huawei cell phone, take the quasi road brand long as the stick, the future can be expected.

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