How Toyota Camry iA5 performance? Worth buying it?

Currently, Guangzhou Toyota’s a compact electric car attracted a lot of attention from netizens. On the one hand, people hold expectations for reliability and durability of Toyota, wanted to know whether the car is worth buying; on the other hand, the car is very similar to the Aion S Guangzhou Automobile new energy in many ways. So Toyota Camry iA5 performance of ours? We see the outcome article.

the basis of the information level

After soaking up the relevant policies of subsidies, iA5 price from 169,800 yuan to 192,800 yuan range. Power section, the iA5 was equipped with a maximum power output of 135 kW motor, peak torque 300 Nm 58.8 kWh battery pack may provide 510 km of mileage purely electrically. Obviously, this three-level system on the iA5 is a Aion S as a withdrawal from some point of view on such a partnership approach between the two can be understood.

Is it worth buying?

familiar ring of small car partner may know, Guangzhou Toyota iA5 is very likely to ease the pressure of double integration policy was launched, basically we can see iA5 as Aion S, two who does not have any substantive difference. Advantages such as Aion S is still the same, such as set-up is perfect, pleasing appearance of the interior design, exquisite workmanship and materials, etc., and the actual parameters EIC system also properly properly in the first echelon level. In addition to the chassis with texture and overall NVH process has yet to be improved, the rest of the force was a very balanced product, is recommended.

Summary: is more about some of the Toyota Camry simple evaluation iA5 and resolution. I hope my answer can help to you.

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