Huatai wages Lifan land sales, a number of independent brands red, it has been sadly out.

this year, its own brand cars polarization is getting worse, just released in November sales data Geely, Great Wall, Chang’an three companies into the TOP10, especially auspicious came in fourth place, behind Volkswagen and SAIC-GM-North and South. However, there are a lot of companies have entered the brink of bankruptcy, such as Huatai, Lifan, cheetah, Chung-tai, the hippocampus and other enterprises. Thanks to 28 years of China’s auto dividend, its own brand camp “many and complex,” a large number of enterprises can dawdle a share, but this year the market into the consolidation period, the first such enterprises will be eliminated .

Thailand: basically in a stalled state

Thailand is the first crisis of its own brand car prices, during the 2019 Spring Festival was exposed wages, speculation on the Internet storm. It is said that “overdue wages reached 30 million is huge”, “book deposit only 130,000 yuan.” Currently, the vast majority equity interest in subsidiaries Huatai Automobile has been pledged for the financing, all of the shares of listed companies held by the dawn of the shares are frozen; together Huatai Automobile and several subsidiaries are classified as dishonest debtor list, its debt of nearly 30 billion yuan .

At the production level, currently Huatai Automobile in Tianjin Rongcheng, Ordos three major production bases have been discontinued. Among them, Huatai Automobile’s first production base in Shandong Rongcheng plant has been shut down for three years; production base in Tianjin, China and Thailand but also from the second half of 2018 in a “semi-shutdown” state; Erdos production base as a strategic production base in western China and Thailand, also from 2018 lockout began in June. In addition, Huatai Automobile dealer system has been basically paralyzed, or back network, or refuse into the car. The Beijing Huatai Huatai Automobile headquarters building has been empty, where there is the highest when more than 2,000 people work.

For Thailand, the most urgent problem is funding, in July this year, Huatai Automobile and real estate company R & F Group held a press conference in Beijing, R & F Group shares Huatai Automobile. The two sides will conduct in-depth cooperation in electrification, as well as unmanned intelligent network linking technology and new lightweight materials, new technologies and new techniques used in vehicle development and manufacturing of the whole process. The strategic partnership, which means Huatai will get more capital and resources to support R & F Group has thus entered a new energy automotive industry. However, to date no substantive action, and decimating the financial situation is also not very good.

Lifan: Buy land and sold qualification Xiaoxuming [123 ]

started Lifan motorcycle, from entering the automotive industry has been tepid. 2019 showed a profit in the first half of this year, Lifan revenue of 5.178 billion yuan, up 13.39 percentage reduction, owned by the parent net loss of 947 million yuan, the debt ratio reached 75.2 percentage. Lifan cars have been three consecutive years, the debt ratio exceeds 70 percentage, carrying a total debt had reached 18.7 billion yuan. Nearly a year, Lifan shares also involved in several lawsuits case, the cumulative Litigation amount of up to 1.423 billion yuan, but also because financing overdue lead to large shareholders is frozen.

At present, over 80-year-old founder of the Yin Mingshan personally coming clean up the mess, but not much improvement. Can see, only has to sell the land base and passenger car project in the hands of an automobile production qualification, transaction prices were 3.315 billion yuan and 650 million yuan, barely continued life. Lifan trouble even spread to the acquirer over the car, when the ideal ONE delivery soon, the ideal Chongqing Automobile Co., Ltd. Chi-made Lifan but because the question has become “debtor.”

Also, Lifan dealer is also facing a management crisis, most dealers two years of losses, beginning of May this year, more than 30 dealers to Lifan collective rights, channels system is also very fragile. From the current situation, Lifan cars can do is howThe remaining assets better price, retired city is not far off.

Zotye: sales cut losses intensified [123 ]

On the surface, the case of the Thai public seems to be better, there is still a sense of presence. October sales of 10,594 units, with respect to the station August 7814 and September 9081 units, in a steady increase state. However, relatively more than 230,000 units in 2018, almost cut this year. And from the first half earnings perspective, a loss of 290 million, while last year profit was 300 million, the same can not be optimistic.

especially in the capital chain is very tight, public information, public Motors every quarter several hundred million dollars of loans due within one year, and deep litigation “whirlpool” media reports indicate that at least a dozen of Thai people owed money supplier, such as due rights and surfaced BAK power. This year, the headquarters of the Thai public defenders frequent incidents, in addition to suppliers, as well as resellers huge losses due rights, consumer rights protection due to product quality, and even employees because of wage arrears rights.

data show that the Thai public behind the boss should Kennin family, has built a car matrix, including the Thai public, Hanteng, Jun Ma, O’Hanlon cars and other brand, other brands in addition to the Thai public has been largely marginalized in early August this year, Ma Jun Zotye automobile dealers hundred activists also appeared event, the alleged public Motors headquarters Jun Ma more than 100 car dealers gathered Yongkang activist. It seems in the context of the automotive market downturn, this system may collapse at any time. Three


At present, troubled a lot of own-brand car prices, this year just mentioned microcosm, not even the worst of circumstances, such as FAW Xiali automobile County Bo hand, but for the qualification bankrupt. There have own brand leader Chery, also “prostitute” self-help, and the hippocampus one of the year’s “new three-like”Car, sold more than 400 sets of real estate barely support. So, whether willing or unwilling, currently knockout on the market has already begun, and some brand wiped out overnight, then the test of overall strength, including the accumulation of capital, technology accumulation and the accumulation of reputation, in short, must have its own “long board “in order to survive.

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