Hunan Auto Show invites you to see the big star city by helicopter

To say “May 1” holiday is the highest travel city, “net red” Changsha belongs to the first echelon. I don’t want to take a helicopter, a big star city from high altitude? Now the opportunity is coming! From April 30th to May 2, when the consumer who holds a car to buy a car in Hunan Auto Show, there is a chance to take a helicopter to feel different Changsha beauty.

In response to 2021 Hunan Auto Show and Changsha Motor Consumption Festival, Yongtong Group and Hunan Auto Show Organizing Committee jointly launched exclusive services. From April 30th to May 2, the consumers who have a car purchase ticket to see cars can make an appointment in advance, and the reservation will be free of helicopter overlooking the Great Beauty.

It is understood that the number of this event is limited, and after watching the car purchase consumers, it can receive the “flight experience voucher” specially launched by the Yongtong Group and the Hunan Auto Show Organizing Committee. Divided into the morning, afternoon. Two batch experience ride the helicopter. The passenger must read and sign the safety instructions carefully before boarding, and ensure that it is healthy, without any disease. Specific flight arrangements are subject to the actual weather, aviation control, etc. Experience in the specified location. The right to interpret this activity belongs to 2021 Hunan Auto Show Organizing Committee.

At the same time, Yongtong Group’s helicopter will also show in the auto show, welcome everyone to take pictures.

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