I know that the wagon is not selling, Ford also repairs a travel car, 15.38 million fire?

If the domestic model is best worthy of “calling good, it is not called”, there is no doubt that the travel car said that no one dares to say the first. It is true that with the age of domestic market, the age of the purchase group is becoming more and more, the accepted level of new things is gradually improved, and the wagon on the road is more. But even so, it is still not possible to change the fate of the wagon to the small models in China. I know that the wagon is not selling, Ford also repairs a travel car, 15.38 million fire?

However, a part of the car companies value the development prospects of this market, and started to introduce their own overseas version of the wagon into the country, but because of this Type models are generally imported car identity. The price will often be more than 100,000 yuan than the versions of the same model. This undoubtedly enhances the threshold for buying, causing many clues to travel a car. Have to choose a higher cost-effective sedan sedan. At this Guangzhou Auto Show, Ford launched a new Fox hunting version, the official guidance price is 153,800 yuan, the price is more than 3,000, which is more than 3,000 yuan, which is full of sincerity.

In terms of appearance, the domestic version of the Fox Hunting version has conducted “localization”, not only in the overseas version, but also with domestic current Fox There is also a clear difference to help improve model identification. The new car faces for larger size air grills, and inside the black honeycomb style design, sports, with the upper side of the styled sharp headlights, helps to broaden the horizontal visual of the head. The bottom bumper front and fog lights are added to the silver-plated chrome trim, which looks more texture.

The side surface is the most likely to show the elegant attitude of the travel vehicle, and the slightly rising body waist line is mixed with the door plate, so that the new car is more Somety, black eyebrows, and roof luggage racks are in time to promote their own attitude towards life. In terms of body size, the Fox hunting version is 4678 * 1841 * 1555mm, the wheelbase is 2705mm, which has improved compared with the ordinary version of three, which means that the vehicle loading capacity and internal ride willThere is obvious improvement, and it is easy to meet the needs of household trucks. In addition, the rear seats can form a longitudinal load space, and the daily handling long balance will be more convenient.

The tail portion and the ordinary version of the hatchback are not very different, but it is highlighted, and the Fox Huntai has increased large size. The spoiler and bilateral single exhaust gas.

To the car, the new car still uses a family-style design language. The entire central console is in a symmetrical layout, and it is slightly treated with a silver trim plate, which looks more considerate. As a whole, the Fox Hunting Car Adds a full LCD dashboard, which is in the past, and the internal adjustable information options can be customized according to their usage habits. The suspended central control screen size reaches 12.3 inches, built-in SYNC + operating system, which is customized by Ford, and the interface UI is re-adjusted, and each function shows intuitive, clear, and it is very similar to the current smartphone. Functional, support on car entertainment, navigation, voice control, remote OTA and other services.

In addition, the air-conditioning panel pattern has been re-adjusted, and a large number of physical buttons are simplified and integrated into the central control screen, leaving only The air volume adjustment and multimedia volume adjustment two knobs and five multi-function buttons.

Aspects of the space, the seat surface is composed of cortical weaned fabric splicing material, and using blue-black color, it seems to be more conforming to young consumer aesthetics. vision. The seat comfort is good, the physical fitness is high, the internal filling is soft, slightly lacking is that the seat back is relatively thin, the pressure of the long-distance driving shoulder position is relatively large.

Since the wheel is not changed, the housing space is still not becoming more than becoming, and it can only be used, and Ford The car sitting is relatively low. For passengers with higher body type, they are easy to curl with rear rows.

In terms of power, Fox Hunting car still uses 1.5T three-tun turbineUpset engine, maximum horsepower 174, peak torque 243nm, match 8-speed hand-in-one gearbox, and officially claiming that the suspension damping is re-adjusted, and the handling will not be reduced due to vehicle body posture.

There is no doubt that the arrival of the Fox Hunting Car has added an answer to the traveling car camp in this section. Get a variety of vibrant bonuses on the dead wavers market. Obviously, at this level can be said that the opponent’s model is only the overall travel version, the two compared, the Fox Hunting Car is ahead, the new and old models of the interior technology is also ahead. The only thing I need to worry is the durability issue of the three-cylinder engine, but these can be solved by the discount. As long as the price is in place, everything is good.

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