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I want to buy BBA, don’t hesitate, after the chip shortage, the price of the car may be more expensive.

The influence of the epidemic, leading to insufficient supply of global semiconductor chips, directly affecting the automotive industry to make many cars forced production. However, purchasing demand is still in, especially the luxury car market, there is still a large number of buyers waiting for a few months, and even willing to sacrifice discounts Just to buy new cars. This is the meaning representative of the luxury brand and other luxury brands such as BMW that consumers are willing to pay higher costs. In the future, even if the epidemic slows slow, the semiconductor supply returns to normal, and the price of the price is probably low.

The shortage of chip is not bad news for all car brands. At least for Mercedes, there is also a BMW, it may be good to change. After lowering production, not only the delivery line queue is long, and even discounts are therefore reduced or canceled. This makes them understand that the owner does not only have patience waiting for a few months, and it is not expensive.

Double B continued in the entry market in the past few years, continuously introducing smaller, more streamlined, cheaper products, critics believe this is the reputation of the consumer brand. In the case of chip shortage, these two luxury brands will turn to development with larger, more luxurious, and more expensive high-level products. A certain degree of the next goal is to pursue high sales in the past to improve the profitable model, and transform into a small quality style, while continuously creates high profit.

Davler Group Finance, HARALD WILHELM, in an interview with Financial Times, said the brand will take the initiative to reduce production, and let the products began to be more advanced, luxurious. The route is advanced. Such an attitude is also obtained by the BMW Finance, Nicolas Peter. It has been very strong in the past 24 months, and the BMW will try to maintain such price strategies.

Out of the external statement with official color, in fact, Mercedes-Benz and BMW know that consumers are willing to make more money to buy luxury cars, so in the future, even if the chip supply is innocent, the price will only rise without falling. . ARNDT ELLINGHORST, Lianbo Group, said that even if only one percentage of car price is only, it can create $ 20 billion profit. Under such a powerful incentive,There will always be an epidemic and chip shortage. However, the price of the pay price is temporarily hopeless.

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