I want to buy it! Tank 300 pushes new car keys, hard core!

车 讯 网 report ] Recently, the tank brand officially released the new car key of the tank 300, and the new car key will be given the user who books the tank 300 after April 19 this year. The front tank 300’s car key is a long-type key that is consistent with other models of the Wey family. The overall elongation and uses black and silver design, which looks not hard core, which is suitable for the city SUV. The new car key uses a new shape, and the overall use of long cube flat design, and the new brand LOGO design element is not intensified.

Color matching uses metal silver and black match, highlighting the level, and Part of the metal silver is a T-style design, which looks very handsome. The Ti words also have the words of Tank, indicating its tank identity. On the other side of the key, it is integrated four function buttons, which are sounds, locks, open their luggage and unlocking vehicles, and also designed two inner concave lines, enhanced layers.

The tank 300 is the first model of the tank brand, the main style of hard-owned off-road style, once The release was sought after by consumers, and after the sales order of the tank 300 skyrocket, the manufacturer also suspended to accept new orders, such as the hot sales of the fire, is really noticeable. The tank 300 is loved by consumers, this is not allowed to open the design style of the tank 300 hardcore, a mature power system and a small professional off-road equipment, etc., Tank 300 as a net red hard-hard-hard off-road vehicle, you like It?

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