Ideal One traffic accident is controversial, the shaft is broken, why did the airbag not pop?

Recently, such a traffic accident scene picture was circulated on the Internet, the scene of the accident is currently sold Ideal one. From the figure, the left front of the vehicle is very serious, the internet, bumper, headlights, and wheels have been damaged, but it is strange that the airbags in the car do not pop up. Therefore, the owner also expressed his doubt.

According to the owner’s manner, the speed of the collision is 40 kilometers per hour, it is not fast. But the level of fensure after the collision is quite serious. From the figure, the front network of the vehicle has been damaged and the bumper is exposed. Ideal One’s safe is still very solid, very thick. Since the collision occurs on one side of the vehicle, it is equivalent to the front 25% bias collision. Therefore, it is more testing the safety of the vehicle.

The side surface of the vehicle is due to the protection of the anti-collision beam, and therefore, when the front 25% of the bias collision occurs, the vehicle’s destructiveness is often Big big. So the front 25 percent bias collision has become one of the hardest collision tests.

From the scene of the accident, the damage of the body side is still very serious, and the tire and rim are no longer very good, and the left front headlight is also broken, the front windshield is also crackled. Therefore, in such a serious accident, the airbag should be popped up.

However, this ideal one of the main driving and cozy airbags did not pop up, so the bottom is not big enough? Still not hit the sensor, the angle of impact is not right? Still cause? I don’t know what the specific reason is. However, there is also an analysis that the shaft is broken, indicating that the impact is large enough. It is reasonable that the airbag will pop.

But fortunately, the driver did not have too much harm, otherwise the traffic accident will provoke more controversy.

About ideal one, there are many controversy about this car. Recently, the controversy about ideal one comes from 2021 new cars, but did not inform consumers in advance. Many users who bought a car a few days ago before the new car, I deeply felt that the leeks were cut. Therefore, there is also a lot of user rights protection.

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