IGNITE whole new generation of proud run Bard, the new generation market at K3 Special Edition

November 29, “when the 20 burning city” KIA car MediaTek dual listing will burn the first ten city of Harbin move.

The listing will be the protagonist – a whole new generation proud to run, we launched a total of four models, namely fashion version, Comfort Edition, version tide and wisdom version, priced from 108,800 yuan to 125,800 yuan. In addition, the K3 also introduced a whole new generation to enjoy science and technology Chi 1.5L version, 1.4T cutting-edge sports version, two new models are priced at 119,800 yuan.

with the launch of a new generation of two special edition models K3, K3 is equipped with two power options, a whole new generation Dongfeng Yueda Kia K3 become the second paragraph of “premium package” model, with a whole new generation proud to run two cars linkage, reset the SUV, car breakdown interval of two standard cars.

IN glamor to the ultra-high color value Strength

a new generation of proud run, in the design, reducing the maximum limit of the SP concept car not only looks sporty, full of a sense of power, and, strength or super high color value, the front face, the honeycomb grille with chrome silver dotted rhythm filling, crystal LED lamp set of design avant-garde.

bodywork, 4345mm * 1800mm * 1645mm body size at the same level, are outstanding, the cockpit of the vehicle interior is a popular non-symmetrical design, integrated in the control layout neat, Bright instrument panel with 7-inch display, the control panel is 10.25 inches LCD screen, and especially by the young people of 8-color adjustable ambient lighting, science and technology lifestyle.

In power, the new generation Kia Smartstream IVT proud to run based on power architecture to build, hundred kilometers up to 5.4L.

to run a new generation of proud, also designed six driving modes, can easily cope with a variety of road conditions. In terms of active safety, the new generation equipped with Kia proud to run a global leader in intelligent security assistance systems DRIVE WiSE, not only forward of the collision assist, lane keeping assist, lane assist to follow, intelligent optical switching distance, driver fatigue reminders. There are 2.0-Intelligent interconnected system providedYou can experience.

vehicle stability, tire pressure monitor, auxiliary uphill, reverse image, generation of emergency braking are all proud strobe standard run, in order to increase driving comfort, also run with the new generation proud the automatic climate control, air purifier, rear air conditioning vent and USB interfaces, comfortable configuration, so the whole family driving trips, feel at ease and comfortable.

K3 continuation of the classic car into a new love after 90

a whole new generation K3 special edition models, surging more dynamic performance, superior noise suppression tone and a more excellent fuel economy, become 90 new love after the owner of

, a whole new generation K3, 1.5L wisdom to enjoy science and technology version using the smart key, a key to start technology, and with a DRIVE WiSE intelligent assistance systems to ensure driving safety. The 1.4T Sport vehicles equipped with cutting-edge intelligent Baidu Internet voice control system, LED headlights, LED daytime running lights, dual-zone automatic air conditioning, electronic parking brake, automatic parking and other configurations. The 2700mm wheelbase brought lavish space, and noise reduction to create a super quiet of the library NVH levels, much like the new generation of owners.

paragraph “premium package” model Kia in good faith

in the past Guangzhou Auto Show, the new generation proud to run the country the most important “premium package “car policy, a good response among consumers, in order to reduce consumer purchase costs, KIA quickly pack premium policies to benefit the whole new generation of all-K3 model matrix.

In other words, Dongfeng Yueda Kia has introduced two “premium package” model in the country, which shows the Dongfeng Yueda company for consumers in good faith.

KIA create a “premium package” policy, including “three guarantees courtesy, interest-free privileges, open new courtesy” triple surprise welfare, users can enjoy the full car purchase tax subsidies, full insurance welfare subsidies, plus three years of free maintenance, 7 days a commitment to quality and worry-free, optional warranty service and other new car, car to ensure maximum benefit of consumers.

In addition, “three years interest-free” and “5-year fixed interest-free” financial incentives, as well as “down payment percentage from 20 two years to open new hedge buyback “Multiple car support programs, both in the front end of the car, or the car, KIA have to consider a lot of customers.

Guiche: market competition intensifies, various promotional means frequent, but consumer-centric is fundamental. Both “premium package” model introduction, no doubt to provide consumers with a lot of benefits and convenience. This also shows that the KIA opened the prelude to self-transformation. With excellent basic competitiveness of design, performance, quality as the basis, to create high-quality, high-quality automotive products and after sales service, in order to become the darling of the automotive market.

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