IIHS Top 11 safest luxury car, lights / pedestrian protection to a new Aspect

In general, the luxury car should be the safest vehicles, because they not only looks luxurious, but also equipped with the brand’s most advanced active and passive safety technologies. But even so, there are different sections of the luxury car. Recently IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) named its 11 models with outstanding results of mainstream luxury vehicles, but this time, the best performance is an electric car – Tesla Model 3.

What other car? We can see below. Under

While a lot of friends on the IIHS very understanding, but I still popular, critical evaluation of the IIHS basically divided into four levels: Good (Excellent) , Acceptable (good) [ 123], Marginal (qualified) , Poor (difference) . But there Superior (Superior) , Advanced (advanced) , Basic (basic) three evaluation. Only in all respects to obtain Good or acceptable evaluation to qualify as Top safety pick models, if all aspects are Good, to get Top safety pick +.

of our article is to inventory the latest Top safetypick + mainstream Luxury cars. Well, now we see who the list.

1, Audi A6

[ 123]

Audi A6 has been able to list, to a large extent becauseIt advanced lights, not only has a longer, wider irradiation range, and there has always been on the car lights automatically reduced for the sake of others. Top models headlights rated “excellent”, while the models with lights only “good.” Other active safety, the Audi A6 and pre-collision braking system was “excellent”, can be perfect to avoid the collision at 20km / h and 40km / h speed test.

2, BMW 3

3-based BMW also provides advanced LED lights, high beam and adjust the lighting with active auxiliary functions, but only on 330i cars obtained Good. And the other two LED lights on the distribution model is “good”, while low distribution models lights only “poor.” Active safety, the BMW 3 Series comes standard with the Active Guard system with automatic braking and active driving assistance systems was “excellent.”

3, BMW 5

and, like its brother 3 lines, 5 lines of LED lights and pre-collision system to obtain a higher score. But only the 530 and 540i LED headlamp was “excellent”, while the Starter Edition of LED lights performance as “good”, but unlike the 3 Series is not evaluated as “poor” lights. In addition, the whole system comes standard city anti-collision automatic braking system and the optional second-generation driver assistance system package was “excellent.”

4, Jieen Si G70

[123 ]

Jieen Si G70 is a rival of the BMW 3 Series, it has excellent anti-collision assistance systems and pedestrian protection systems. carLight performance is also good, there are two lanterns was “excellent” rating. The first curve is provided with an adaptive and automatic high beam assembly, in 2.0T, 3.3T high with the automatic models. The second is not adaptive curve lights, the 2.0T 2.0T and low with the manual transmission, the 3.3T automatic models.

but the beggar version of the 2.0T automatic models headlights rating is very low, only received a “poor.” However, the G70 is equipped with a monitor pedestrian collision avoidance support system was “excellent.”

5, Jieen Si G80

[123 ]

G80 Jieen Si vehicle both in appearance, looks relatively high. It is likewise obtained Top safety pick + rating, but it requires a higher rating with lights, G80 fact, the top version with an auxiliary adaptive curve LED lamp, but the lamp 3.8L Fundamentals and high version models evaluation is only “good.” However, G80 automatic emergency braking system was “excellent.”

6, Jieen Si G90

[123 ]

G90 can be seen as the most advanced modern flagship brand, is the top of many security configuration. The entire department is equipped with LED lights are rated as “excellent”, its LED lights both corners and auxiliary adaptive function automatically switches the high beam, and to do that concern has always been the driver of the car like the Audi. In addition, G90 automatic emergency braking system was “excellent.”

7, Leikesasi the ES350

[ 123]

LeikesasiVery popular in the United States, its ES cars three optional modules LED headlamp equipped with auxiliary systems and remote corners assistance systems turn off the lights, but the standard LED headlights rating is only “qualified.” Active safety, ES350 pedestrian pre-collision system was “excellent.”

8, Lincoln Continental

[ 123]

Although the market point of view, the Lincoln Continental difficult to compete with European rivals, but in terms of security, it is better to maintain this level of performance. LED lamp set higher its evaluation, but the basic version of HID bulbs only to get “poor.” Active safety, pre-crash system with automatic braking pedestrian protection was “excellent.”

9, Benz C-Class

[123 ]

C-class is a balance between safety and do elegant car, which can be advanced automatically highlighted optional LED headlamps, with automatic light adjustment function. But the basic version of the LED lights and exterior lighting package received only “qualified” rating. Active safety, C grade comes standard with active brake assist and optional braking system with active monitoring of intersection are given a “superior” rating.

10, E-Class

[123 ]

and C-class, like the E-class is a luxury car high ratings, and optional advanced high with headlights on the results certainly no problem, but the basic version of the car light received only “qualified” rating, the active brake system and C-class as was “excellent.”

11 Tesla Model 3

IIHS only saw two Top Safety Pick + electric car, which is a 3 soybeans, another Audi e Tron SUV. Different models and above those inventory, Model3 standard LED lights all live the best rating.

aspects of active safety, Model 3 automatic emergency braking system was “excellent” rating, in addition to its highly controversial Autopilot autopilot system.

written in the last

In fact, the biggest surprise in this inventory, or pre lights and brake systems, pedestrian protection systems, these areas become the new safety standards for cars. So, when you buy a car, in addition to concern with enough power, enough space is not big enough, you should also look at the lights and other active safety technologies. Because now the car is getting better performance, more complex road safety must be the primary factor in choosing cars.

However, according to the IIHS said, got “excellent” in reality an accident does not mean it will not hang up, the left side collision, for example, compared to the rating of “poor” model, “excellent” models only reduces the probability of death of 70%. So, we usually have to drive more careful, do not be too dependent on the security configuration.

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