Import Mercedes-Benz v250 modified vs680 captured the hearts of all beings Deluxe Business

Mercedes-Benz Maybach V250 full version VS680 modified flat top cut off price

Mercedes-Benz Maybach V250 modified version VS680 off an upgraded version of how much money, imported Mercedes-Benz Maybach VS680 modified car V250, V250 imported Mercedes-Benz on the continuation of the exterior appearance domestic new V-class design, the iconic bullet-head appearance with a straight body lines, discreet atmosphere without saying. Imported V Series with the passing of the whole body of deep black fashion charm shape, inherited from the former Mercedes-Benz limousine temperament face, slender deep sultry eyes, with a more refined level of detail of the lower jaw fog lamp design. Body size: 5370 * 1928 * 1920mm (length and breadth), 18-inch wheels added style swirl trendy, domestic long-wheelbase version of the more fluid sense of visual comparison, the park also more convenience.

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Benz Maybach VS680 top part is relatively high cost coated Alcantara and retained the Maybach squared dome skylight can be opened and rear, if such a luxurious atmosphere just on the emotional perception that choose Maybach V level with rational decision reflected in its personalization features. Comfortable cabin – mental and physical pleasure, honorable unique.

Benz Maybach VS680 V250 mounted 2.0T turbocharged engine, the maximum power up to 155KW (211ps), and on the power adjustment GLC same, the gasoline engine is also equipped with inlet type specific. 7G-TRONIC variables box we are not familiar with manual mode and ECO, comfort and sport three driving modes. The AGILITY CONTROL chassis with AGILITY CONTROL suspension system technology, coupled with road conditions and driving situation and modifies the damping characteristics, while improving ride comfort, but also to the process of driving fun and entertaining.

benz V250 Maybach VS680 RV VIP cabin with the utility cut off luxurious leather, suede cover, the front and rear of the cabin using the TV + bar, Berlin 5.1 hall sound level surround sound system+32 + inch high-definition television classic car entertainment lifting combination of Sony’s Blu-ray DVD, comfort and entertainment for you to enjoy the combination.

Benz passenger compartment V250 Maybach VS680 second row seats multifunctional, rotatable, and with a footrest function, ride comfort, with heating, ventilation, electric , leg rest, massage, memory, power headrest, etc. electric backrest, the seat support 180 degree rotation.

imported Mercedes-Benz v250 modified vs680 captured the hearts of all beings luxury business, soft and comfortable rear seats, foot support, adjustable sitting position is very large, so that passengers can ride a recumbent posture in the back, legs toga points, compared to the same level models, this must back out. Science and technology lifestyle, and before joining, rear wireless phone charging function and first-class level rear individual seats. Electric rear seat support 180-degree flat, travel elderly and children can rest for a while on it!

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