In May, SUV sales were released, Haval H6 returned to the list, and Geely Bo declined to eighth.

According to the latest retail sales data statistics of the China Auto Flow Association Automobile Market Research Branch, the sales of domestic narrow passenger cars reached 16.26 million in the market in May, the year-on-year increase of 1.1% The increase of 1.2 percentages from the previous month; the accumulated sales of 8366 million vehicles in January-May, a year-on-year increase of 38.2 percent. Among them, the SUV market sales was 7.37,000 units, down 2.3 percentages year-on-year, and the previous quarter fell 1.4%. So next, how do we talk about the sales of SUV models?

Haval H6 reused a list of 25,065 sales, Changan CS75 also stressed Honda and Toyota came to the second. At the same time, only Haval H6 and Changan CS75 sold 20,000 in May.

Second, in the sales TOP10, the model with the largest increase in sales is the opening of Honda XR-V, up 28.1% year-on-year. The most powerful decline is Geely Legue, sales fell by 17.8 percentage year-on-year, and ranked 4th in April to eighth in May.

Third, BMW X3 is the only luxury brand model in the list TOP10, which sales in May is 14,611 vehicles, far higher than the ranked fifteenth Mercedes-Benz GLC.

Haval H6 has a sales volume of 25,065 units, up 11.7% year-on-year. Haval H6 was taken away by Honda CR-V last month, but this month is strong. Of course, Haval H6 can go back to the first position, on the one hand, because of its own product force, and the strategy of multi-generation models has further expanded the sales entry. On the other hand, because the Japanese manufacturer is limited by the chip supply problem, the sales volume is seriously reduced.

Changan CS75 has a total of 22,573 sales scores in May, which rose by 12.2 percent, ranking second. In fact, Changan CS75 also adopts the policy of tathed sales, that is, Changan CS75 and Changan CS75 Plus is selling.Powerful. In addition, Changan CS75 can achieve such a score, and the excessive product is not related, the appearance of the young sports, rich configuration performance, and the word of mouth that the blue whale engine has accumulated, so that Changan CS75 remains stable and bright.

Honda XR-V has shown excellent in May, with a single result of 19,361, and it has also reached the same year. 28.1 percentage. Honda XR-V can have a good sales grade, but also to be due to its own price and considerable space performance, after all, consumers in this price period, buying practical.

Toyota RAV4 has a sales performance of 18,865, up 11.4 percentage year-on-year. Of course, individuals think that Toyota RAV4 is most attractive to consumers in its high-quality, and the outlined lines sculpt Toyota RAV4 more dynamic. And rich configuration, also make it easier to enter the consumer’s car purchase list, and the Quality guarantee under TNGA platform also makes consumers to buy a car.

Honda CR-V sales of 18,787 units, up 3.3% year-on-year, ranking fifth place in the list. The Honda CR-V as “evergreen trees” in a joint venture compact SUV market has always been very stable. Moreover, in the long-term market, Honda Cr-V has already had enough influence, as long as it spent the difficulty of the chip supply difficulties, the next sales will be ushered in.

The Volkswagen Lands L May sales of 17,553 vehicles, up 2.8% year-on-year. At present, the Tiguan L is a strong enough design, and the mass brand effect is also a lot of color. But if you want to start this car, you can wait, because the official map of the new Tiguan L is released overseas, and its wheelbase is further extended. Therefore, after the new model is coming, it is not too late.Or when the new model is listed, enjoy a big discount of old models, isn’t it more fragrant?

Honda shadow has hosted 15,544 sales scores in May, up 17.1% year-on-year. After the Honda Shadow is listed, its high-quality value is enough to touch people. Moreover, the author has also tried driven this car, smooth and textured accelerated performance and solid chassis, which can get a certain driving pleasure, and enjoy enough comfort, and excellent fuel economy is also consumption. A large reason for choosing this car.

Last month, Geely Bofa ranked fourth, but this month, Jillybo, but only rushed to eighth. In May, sales of 15, 202, decline in 17.8 year-on-year, which also leads to Geely Boxue to become a list TOP10, and the only sales fell year-on-year. In fact, Geely Bo has got such a score, and there is no relationship with Hardware H6 and Changan CS75. But there is a saying that Geely Boar has indeed a good performance in the degree of configuration, and it will be invested for a long time, and its good product quality is also obvious.

BMW X3 has harvested 14,611 sales scores in May, up 25.2 percentage year-on-year. BMW X3 is the only luxury brand model in the list TOP10, excellent control, and BMW brands are boosted. It is worth mentioning that BMW X3 has obtained high-end SUV sales in May, power Mercedes-Benz GLC and Audi Q5, which are affirmative for its product strength.

Honda’s May sales of 14,082 vehicles were increased by 15.5 percent. Its and Honda XR-V mutual models, sales have always been the opposite situation. Therefore, after the sales of Honda XR-V rose, it is also reasonable to obtain such sales.

SUV sales in May 2021In the list, Haval H6 returned to the top, gratifying. The Japanese manufacturer is subject to the problem of chip supply, and the delivery volume is limited, and the sales can be increased after the chip problem is solved. Finally, what do you have in May SUV sales list? Welcome to the comment area and us.

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