Increase the amount and price! The new Tesla Model 3 multiple exposure will be upgraded

Tesla Model 3 and recent price cuts, it seems to be off the street car has been getting closer. The Model 3 price cuts, but also about to usher upgrade facelift.

Recently, foreign media exposure out of a set of Model 3 Tesla new model test car spy, spy photos show, many of the car interior appearance details were modified, was perfect for some of the problems previously exist. Currently overseas edition has been put into trial production stage, domestic models should also timely follow-up.

Appearance, Model 3 adds new series of black decorative member, comprising a window trim, side lights, outside door handle, the exterior rear view mirror plaque Germany and so on, have to undergo a blackening treatment for Model Y matt black decoration is very similar.

Preparation of the tank volume while the front is also reduced, foreign media speculation car may be equipped with heat pump, the system may be conditioned to maximize heating efficiency in extreme weather, and may be to minimize the impact on vehicle air conditioning heating life brings to effectively improve the level of winter life of the vehicle.

In the interior portion is still simple (simple) style, but before many owners Tucao off-through console box, at the front end region of the new increased multistage type partition structure, so that the phone will not easily fall into the storage compartment, while portable design similar to the Model S / X, and has wrapped delicate chrome frame, there is a certain upgrade from a sense of quality.

increase the amount and price of the Tesla Model 3, smell?

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