Independent performance of pure electric SUV dispute Tang EV600 contrast Aion LX

Biyaditang EV600 and Aion LX, these two cars are currently independent brands in the presence of two special, first of all they both have the same price, same location, same time still has about the same powerful performance, these two models, is currently own brand of pure electric SUV models in life especially.

and that two cars I have personally test drive and found that there are distinctive features of the models, so for these two tangled in the car buyers, Which is more the right choice? The comparison, I would compare to driving around some of the practical experience and details. The

Aion LX design more electric

design, two Yan who is the absolute value of its own brand in the forefront of the standards are definitely not lose joint venture vehicle, guangqi first use of new energy LX latest family design arrow through the clouds, before and after the through lighting design, sturdy design full.

Classical electric car design, semi-closed front face, hidden door handles, knuckle tail, aerodynamic design integrated into various body, closing the intake grille , only lower drag coefficient 0.27Cd, power consumption. Optional support Xingzuan cool cutting wheel low drag, drag and design of both.

Biyaditang EV600 using the most classic Longyan family design, appearance is still mired in fuel version and DM version of the design, the style you still can not find any deficiencies, is one of the most independent brands have recognizable design at present.

but with several modifications regarding the electric, a closed front grille design, headlight light purple was added, and the power port Tang EV600 suffixes wheel size still reached 22 inches.

crash sense and sense of technology

On both senior interior create a sense ofI would not hesitate to vote for this Aion LX, wrapped up with the advantages of materials and design, Aion LX use a large area of ​​mixed colors soft leather wrapped center console, door panels at the use of suede fabric covering, roof also supports optional full suede wrapped, sense of self-evident.

and Biyaditang, interior design simple, the biggest highlight of the design is up to 14.6-inch large screen can be rotated in control, only BYD have this design, Technology wind full. But the sense of superior materials, does not as Aion LX.

Aion LX battery life has an absolute advantage

As the all electric SUV in the longest battery life models, Aion LX 650km of true NEDC very good life, to which more than 130km 比比亚迪唐 EV600, almost the same time fast charging, the charging time of 30-80 percent overhead 0.5 hours, so in terms of endurance, Aion S either Tang EV600 or the same level of other models, have an absolute advantage, but the performance in endurance actual durability, not the actual test, no less than conclusive.

there are two kinds of electric vehicles is the same taste

First, the difference the chassis is the greatest feeling, though they are pure electric vehicles, but there is still the foundation of Don EV600 fuel vehicles flavor, due to the weight of the battery, 22-inch wheels, and the same chassis tuning with fuel version, let road feel is enough it seems more property performance.

while LX special aspect in the design of the chassis, an inverted front control arm, the special angle, the chassis and the road surface reaction rate processing are strong, but also a slight air suspension feel the frame, there is also rare in its own brand so comfortable texture.

Tang EV600 closer during acceleration nature pure EMU less inhibition throttle, less soothing, step have as many, feedback is straightforward, and this Point,LX had deliberately tuning, Comfort mode, throttle response is similar to fuel vehicles, down speed and performance will not be Genjiao, but the experience is still able to accelerate some assurance.

Aion LX platform based on proprietary electric, while driving feeling is obvious, A pillar to compress the front engine compartment space, expand the interior space, so the driver’s seat vision, also the overall forward, a lot of small blind, the design and use of space for motorists alike.

The last performance comparison, both of which are about hundred mph vehicle 4 seconds, if we look at the data, with the top Aion S acceleration as long as 3.9 seconds, Tang EV600 top with acceleration to 4.4 seconds, still rolling performance to Don. However, both forms on the drive and power distribution are similar versions are precursors long life, high performance version of the same motor are mounted on the front of the rear wheel power, to meet the high performance and four-wheel drive.


Comparatively, if the routine use of view, LX will be more orthodox, all begin with the electric car based on the design, naturally there will be a lot of advantages, light and life driving feel, the more I would recommend LX, because of its much larger chassis and endurance advantage.

as a pure electric vehicle, the Biyaditang compared to Aion LX, there are certain aspects of the short board, but you can understand, after all, Don EV600 listed earlier, new energy innovations soon we also hope that Tang new energy in the next upgrade will come up with a more powerful killer.

About two, I feel more like an electric car generation and second-generation products, have a very clear character, Don still has the characteristics of our initial understanding of the electric car, while Aion LX begin to work more to create a sense of, together which one is better? Yes, I would recommend more Aion LX.

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