Insider: Do not mess buy Mercedes-Benz Tianyu hazelnut brown interior, and manufacturers anger Secret

Benz Vito. Skyfame series. Hazelnut brown surrounded the first appearance perspective view of the entire vehicle on its inlet, a roof passage alloy keel (to make the appearance more dignified, more spacious inner cabin), small air convection multifunction sunroof (to be completed open, turn on, turn off three kinds of instructions, while the shielding curtain is provided with a seat), its body length is 5370mm, a width of 1928mm, a height of 2080mm; engine M274, L-type 4-cylinder turbo within the charge injection, the maximum output power of 192 kilowatts, 260 hp, speed of 5500; 7 speed automated manual transmission is in the drive mode is a rear-drive, wheelbase is 3430mm, a curb weight of 2270 kg, fuel consumption is 70 Rise. Now car to the shop, the car phone at the end of the article, sales consultant — Jia Yue happy to serve you

Mercedes-Benz Vito Tianyu series dual battery-powered systems, multifunction steering wheel + GPS global satellite navigation system + reverse image, intelligent switch control system, 220V power connector, USB multi-function interface (that is, high-definition digital video, audio, multi-function interface) electric vehicles sliding door sensor system (one-touch control with anti-pinch function) with a portable electronic fridge (heated to 16 degrees, 16 degrees refrigeration) so you have a whole new driving experience

Benz Vito, Fitch days series chair uses a key to lift silent HD 32-inch LCD TV, Maybach squares aviation ceiling, the whole car fiber ambient lighting, (to create a serene rest atmosphere) space optimization of surface Geping inlaid Swiss IWC IWC, practical storage cube (Qu Geping screen is provided below) mini air purifier technology allows more fresh air inside the vehicle. PWM dimming HMI smart sensor system, a wireless call (the central armrest of the passenger compartment can be controlled electric) ‘equipped with two small foldable chairs, easy to use,

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Mercedes-Benz Vito, Tim domain models with S-class luxury electric one-touch function expansion heads seats seat (ventilation, heating, air massage) electrically adjustable head allows you to experience a more relaxed entertainment.

Benz Vito, add domain using the back-hoChina multifunction electric pull-out sofa bed (heating, ventilation, air massage) to make you more comfortable during driving,

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