Interior uses a very simplified family design Volkswagen ID.6x will be listed on June 17

Recently, the driving line learned from the relevant channels that the large SUV model id.6x in SAIC Volkswagen will be officially launched on June 17. As a 6/7 layout of medium and large SUVs, the new car will be sought after by consumers in a family.

In terms of appearance, SAIC Volkswagen ID 1.6x uses the public new family-designed language. This is a burly body with a double-penetrated grille, which is extremely The big body effect. The new car is surrounded by the headlights, which is also integrated into the elements containing future senses and sports, and the hidden door handle and suspension tits are also created in the new car. Visual effect.

The penetrated tail lamp of the smoked design has brought enough vehicle identification in addition to the visual width of the tail of the vehicle. The large wheel arch is worthy of the right wheel, together with a sense of the vehicle.

In terms of interior, ID.6 x uses a very simplified family design language, more technological, basically out of the popular traditional fuel SUV impression. Old-fashioned design concept. At the same time, the visual effect and gripping of the newly styled flat, and the large-area soft material package in the car has also carried out a great sense of the journey. It is also worth mentioning that the mass of the magazine has become a touch control on the new car, whether it is easy to use or not.

Dynamic, the current exposure ID.6 x basic type will use the former AC / asynchronous, post-permanent magnet / synchronous dual motor combination, the total power of the motor reached 225kW . The battery is used in a ternary lithium battery, and the NEDC endless mileage is 588km.

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