Is it expected to be as low as 240,000? Wanta High Performance Edition officially listed on May 8

车 讯 网 report ] Recently, the car network learned from GAC Toyota officially, and the Guangzhou Auto Show has been debuted in the Guangzhou Auto Show, will be on May 8. Japanese evening is officially launched in the form of online real clouds.

According to the new car application diagram and some information released by the previous ICD, the high performance version of the Willanda continues the appearance of the previous dual-engine model. The most obvious difference should be regarded as the front wing plate and the tail of the LDQUO; Plug-in Hybridrdquo; logo instead of the LDQUO; HybridRdquo; logo;

The basic data of the vehicle is 4665/1855/1680 mm, respectively. The shaft distance 2690 is all consistent with the fuel version and the dual engine version. Due to the new large-capacity lithium-ion battery pack, the comprehensive fuel consumption of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, which is high performance version of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, which is high, and at the same time, the quality is also reached 2435 kg, compared to the fuel and dual engine. Amplitude increases.

In terms of dynamic performance, the new car is equipped with Toyota TNGA plug-in hybrid system, from 2.5-lit Atekinson circulating engine and electric motor composition. Among them, the net power value of the engine is 132 kW, and the integrated maximum output power of the system after the plus motor is 225 kilowatts, and there is a message called the high-performance version of the high-performance version of the high-performance version of the Galan / hour. The acceleration time is expected to be as low as 6.6 seconds, if it is true, will A large-leading compatriots brothers FAW Toyota RAV4 glory for 7.4 seconds of dual engine E +.

We have reason to predict, like FAW Toyota RAV4 honor Shuangqing E +, the Guangzhou Automobile Toyota Wanshi High Performance will also provide pre-drive, four-wheel drive two The type of drive form is optional. The top four-drive version will be equipped with Toyota High Performance E-Four Electronics Four-wheel Drive System, which has advanced, Strong, precise, etc., in addition to improving the rear wheel output torque, the rear wheel torque is increased, the front / rear axle 100: 0 ~ 20: 80 can be achieved, and the driver can be willing It can also be flexible.

Recently, a pre-sale poster that suspected Wanta high performance version was exploded on the Internet. The above ldquo; the pre-sale price of 2.388 million rdquo; words At present, there is no knowledge of the poster information, but if you really control the starting price of the insertion version of Wanda in 240,000, it will undoubtedly lead the official guide price of 24.88-2968 million compatriots, brothers, LDQUO; RAV4 Rong Place the dual engine E + RDQUO; In addition, in addition to the specific configuration difference, there is still a suspense waiting for May 8, it can be announced, that is, the official name of the new car will really enable ldquo; high performance version rdquo; or continue to use LDQUO; Double Engine E + RDQUO; suffix.

Editor Review

Guangzhou Automobile Toyota Water Since its launch last year, since the end of April, the average monthly sales of approximately 10,000 units have been obtained. Although there is a gap than the brothers who have longer history and more popularity, they have a gap, but as a just killed In the new model of the compact SUV market, it is qualified to hand over such a transcript. In the context of electric wave swept, Toyota is obviously in force. There is a glimmer E + aura before the auto show on the most strongest RAV4 radius. After May 1, there is a high performance. The name of the name is killed. On May 8, let’s meet the live broadcast of the car, and witnessed another price to hang the green-Toyota new car.

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