Is it safe for tires with nails?

The answer is unsafe

Most high-end 4S shop does not provide a tire service, because the tire safety factor is low after repair, the tire after repair is high pressure capability The relatively low, in the high-temperature environment or when driving at high speed, the internal pressure of the tire is too high, the trusted tire has the possibility of puncture, the current number will launch the tire insurance, if the replacement cost is relatively high, no replacement Also affect security, friends in tangled can refer to the tire risk.

If the nail is on the side, it is highly recommended that the owner replaces the tire because the tire wall is the weakest place in the tire, which seriously affects driving safety, and the side of the tire is not repaired, and there will be no strong phenomena. If the nail is on the front of the tire, the individual recommends that the tire can continue to use.

If your vehicle has a phenomenon of nail, don’t pull it out, because this may cause the tire to pass unable to use, should wait for the vehicle to open to the store, or the vehicle opens to the right place Pull out the nail.

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